Looting is the New Normal


In today’s world, looting has become an assumed component of any disruptive event.  From hurricane ‘Sandy’ to Monday’s Boston Marathon bombing (and here), looting in the immediate aftermath of an event is standard fare.  Anyone who is not prepared to immediately step up and protect their property in the event of a tragic event, should expect to loose it should said event occur.


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4 Responses to Looting is the New Normal

  1. Fed up says:

    It seems to me that when ever there is some sort of disaster there is looting. It seems to me that the same color of skin crowd gets there and does the major amount of the looting. It seems to me that their “community leaders” have no words of condemnation to them. It seems to me that these same people are the ones that say there are people that are predujuce tword them. It seems to me that these people consider it an intitlement for them to get what others work for. It seems to me that these people have the morals of a slug, (it’s not a snail because a snail carries it’s shell, it’s not as lazy as a slug). My belief is that looters should be shot on sight, they are common thirves. It seems to me that there aren’t enough jails to hold them and the new “justice” system is party to their lack of restraint. No wonder the DHS went around taking the guns from the home owners durring Katrina other wise the undertakers would have had a booming business. Can we say, “flash mob style of doing business”?

  2. Sam Beetle says:

    “It seems to me that whenever there is some sort of disaster there is looting.” Have you been in a disaster? Has the author of this article? Clearly not. But it’s always fun to throw around strong opinions about something we have absolutely no experience with, isn’t it?

    As someone with a background in emergency management, research has shown that looting is an uncommon occurrence is disasters. Political situations are another story, but for disasters, looting has been greatly exaggerated by the media to sell stories (just like people panicking in a disaster). Most cases of “looting” turn out to be “scavenging”, where individuals are searching for food, water, or other basic necessities. This is common worldwide and pretty understandable.
    The term “looting” should focus on items not of necessity.. but the media needs to sell fear to make money and will use the term regularly to describe activities that aren’t actually acts of looting. Crime happens in all societies so it shouldn’t be a surprise that some people act criminally when the opportunity arrives. This is despite race or ethnicity and I don’t think embracing stereotypes is going to help your argument.

    A year from now I will have a several month old baby and in a disaster, I will need diapers and food/water. If I am not provided these items by relief organizations after a disaster, I will break into a closed store to get the items I need. As a multiracial single mother, I’d appreciate it if Fed Up and Roger United didn’t shoot me on sight. However, those with the guns, they feel that they should hold the power to who lives and dies over STUFF. Is STUFF really more important than lives and/or a fair legal process? Apparently to some people.

    Look boys, stop reading mass media. They are a business and facts aren’t a priority to them. Do some actual research. Then make a handful of friends with various colored people. Preferably not people who are as racist as you are.

    • LT says:

      So tell me, “Sam”, why aren’t you prepping? Since you “have a background in emergency management”, you should know better than anyone how quickly things can go from normal to desperate. That you choose to forgo all personal responsibility for yourself and your illegitimate child simply proves to me that you are, in your very nature, a looter.

      You rarely have to wait for a disaster to discover someone’s true nature; you usually only have to wait until they open their mouths…

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