Out Of The Box Video Crossbreed Reckoning System Holster

I had received comments on both my video and article on the Crossbreed IWB Supertuck holster that it had ‘no way to tighten the retention’. In order to test the difference, I got the Crossbreed Reckoning system which has a retention screw.

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5 Responses to Out Of The Box Video Crossbreed Reckoning System Holster

  1. 1chota says:

    I personally do not like the mag pouch on the same side as the holster. Also, with it in front of the holster one must ask will it interfere with the draw stroke?
    Do you intend to load with your shooting hand? Reaching way around to find the mag with your left hand will be awkward.
    Just some thoughts.

    • Gadi Adelman says:

      I agree 100%, CB holsters offers a separate mag pouch that I own and I can wear that on my left side.

  2. StBenardnot says:

    Done with kydex. They wear holes in clothes. All I use is leather. Adams Holsters of Channing, Mi. to be exact.

  3. Gadi Adelman says:

    I have not had that issue at all with any of the CB holsters, I think it’s either the finish on it or just the way it lays low, the weapon hits my shirt more than the holster does.

  4. Les says:

    I bought a Super Tuk some years ago for a Kahr CW40. It held the pistol snugly with no issues. Only complaint I would have is that when I moved the leather squeaked. I ordered a ST for my wife’s G43 and it was very loose. I tried to tighten it using a hair dryer and just ruined the kydex.
    Having the mag pouch as part of this “system” is not something I would want. I think there could be a comfort issue as well as the awkwardness of having you spare mag on the holster side.
    I now use a Vedder ‘Light Tuk’ and separate mag pouch and I know carry a Sig 365 IWBA. My wife now also has a Vedder for her Glock. We are very pleased with Vedder. I also recommend their pistol belt with cobra buckle.

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