#PizzaGate – The Satanic Abuse and Murder of Our Children

You cannot afford not to watch this video, because this man warns us exactly what we are dealing with.

New Email Evidence On Weiner Laptop: CONFIRMED

Clinton Foundation and Sex Trafficking in Minor Children



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6 Responses to #PizzaGate – The Satanic Abuse and Murder of Our Children

  1. lon a follower says:

    Refuse to be a pawn. Wake up , be sober in the world, see what evil spirits are and have been doing.
    September 11,2001 eleven years prior to the day, George Bush declared a “New world order.
    Be a follower ( a sheep) of Yahusha not the ” world.” Even sheep cry out in warning.
    a few verses that have been brought to mind lately;
    Adulterers and adulteresses! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with Alahim? Whoever therefore intends to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of Alahim. James 4:4
    John 12:25
    He who loves his life shall loose it, and he who hates his life in this world shall preserve it for everlasting life.
    When our eyes and ears are opened by Him we truly see, the whole world has been decieved, we see His warnings are True, we see whom the prince of the world is. All this madness, these contradictions, the chaos, confusion and pandemonium. We know where this comes from, and yet we can find Peace.
    Right now is the time to bow in humility as the weeds continue to stand in defiance.
    Perservere bretheren.

  2. lon a follower says:

    It is said that in 1798 George Washington gave marning of illuminati infiltrators. i believe this.
    Are all muslims illuminati? “Killing them all” seems not to be the answer when we see the string pullers, behind the stage. So many scream that islam is not a religion it is a . political blah blah blah… Yet say nothing when the Romans are pursuing the al gore global warming hoax.. The Romans and other daughters of these churches are married to our governments not only do they support these invasions they are paying for them with tax payer debt. and tithes from unsuspecting victims.
    Before this nation or any nation can be restored or healed some things must yet take place.

    • Tom Angle says:

      You have a hard time follow articles. This one is about child sex trade by those in the US government. The Kill the all article was about muslims.

      So why is it that you stand up so much for the muslims? You can lump them in to the chold sex thing as well. They are have no problems religiously condoning child and homosexual sex.

      You do realie that when you have a large problem you break it down into smaller segments and deal with those.

      Tell me who is it that follows the pedophile prophet that is close to you?

      • LT says:

        Tom, Lon’s point is well taken, that there are *others* which also merit destruction, for it certainly is not the muslims who are pulling the strings; but as it was when God gave the promised land to the Israelites, so is it also now in Europe and America; that the idolators inhabiting the land must be destroyed for its purification, so that it be made fit for God’s people.

        As Israel of old had to face and destroy the Malachites, Jebusites, and Hittites, so also do we have to face and destroy the communists, masons, and muslims, among others. And for those which are not compatible with God’s people, the prescription is total destruction -- men and women, young and old, man and beast. Not even their material wealth was to be taken for a prize when the Israelites took possession of the land from them by war and destruction, but was to be burned, or buried, so as to protect the Israelites from contamination by any thing which might be dedicated to their false gods.

        And how very much more that warning apply to us, today.


  3. lon a follower says:

    september 11, 1991 sorry ten years prior not eleven. George Bush sr.

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