Reality Dawning

The truth of America’s perilous financial position in the world is being revealed, and the pace of discovery has begun to escalate quite a bit in the past month.  The lies and illusions which the talking heads of government and the lame-stream media have been paid to blast out to the populace day after day are wearing through, and it is becoming more and more difficult for the powers that be to sustain the illusory claims that we are in a recovery, or that a resolution to the European issues is “just around the corner”.

As I have previously warned, and detailed herehere, here, and here, the US is sliding down the slippery slope towards an inevitable economic collapse and subsequent loss of status as issuer of the world’s Reserve Currency.  The financial collapse of Europe has been achieved, and similar destruction is being rapidly consummated in Russia, China, and India, along with the US.  Everything must be brought low so that it may be “rebuilt” in the form most desirable to those who pull the strings and count their kings – all behind the curtain, of course. 

The ultimate conflagration must go beyond economic chaos, however.  Look upon the rising tide of conflict in the mid-east, and the powerful waves of civil disobedience and criminal activity in Europe, Russia, China, Mexico, and elsewhere throughout the globe, as components of the collapse that must come.  These, too, have been carefully cultivated and fomented in recent years, towards the singular purpose of world-wide chaos and revolt.

All of these events, and many more, are being brought to a common moment of climax, and there are a number of groups who have planned to make a play for dominance in that moment of chaos…  There is no one group or even one ideal at the heart of all this – in fact, these groups are in competition for dominance in the era to come.  But each of their plans require a moment of weakness in which to make their play, and so they have worked together to bring said moment into existence, even knowing that when that moment arrives they will all be locked in a battle of ideologies, a battle for control, and for the future of all mankind.  Each believes it is right, and that it will win.




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