TRAITOR: Podesta

John Podesta has laid the “D” card on the table.  No, not “depression”. We’ve already got that.  I’m talking about a de facto “dictatorship” – Bypassing the will of the people — as if that hasn’t happened enoughunder 0bama — through a set of unconstitutional Czars and the administrative state –

And armed force, if necessary, according to Podesta.

If this doesn’t represent total dictatorship, please tell me what you would call the form of government that Podesta calls for?

Because it’s certainly not a representative republic nor Constitutional in any way.

The U.S. Constitution and the laws of our nation grant the president significant authority to make and implement policy… The ability of President Obama to accomplish important change through these powers [including executive orders and armed forces] should not be underestimated [in] continuing to make progress.

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5 Responses to TRAITOR: Podesta

  1. Average Joe says:

    Well thank goodness the GOP has taken impeachment “off the table” and made up for it by fuding every damn thing the little brown tyrant wants.

  2. Tom Angle says:

    Not constitutional at all.

    • LT says:

      Civil War is coming -- they are clearly stating that they will make it happen…


      • bill says:

        this piece of khazarian jew crap must be hanged for treason, he is the worse of the progressives in that Bolshevik party.

  3. Tom Angle says:

    “… if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”

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