When You Listen to the Devil

When you listen to the devil, you should expect to hear lies…


Listen to Van Jones do the shuck and jive – playing the race card and ginning up false fear about whitey abusing and mis-treating blacks, muslims, and immigrants, just because… TRUMP.

Van Jones said, “What I’m hearing tonight… I’m hearing about a nightmare. It’s hard to be a parent tonight, for a lot of us. You tell your kids don’t be a bully. You tell your kids don’t be a bigot… and then you have this… this outcome. You have people putting their kids to bed, that are afraid of breakfast, afraid of how they’re going to explain this to their children.

As if white presidents  from Lincoln, to Roosevelt, to Kennedy, to Johnson, to Carter, to Regan, to Bill Clinton, haven’t bent over backwards to see that blacks and other minorities weren’t discriminated against, weren’t taken advantage of; but rather were given an extra level of favor in education, and employment, and in many other ways – through the ever-expanding mechanism of government mandated “Affirmative Action” programs.

I call Van Jones out on his despicable insinuation, that only a black president can protect the interests of black Americans, that a white president can’t understand or protect the interests of first and second generation immigrants, of women, etc.

He said, “I have muslim friends texting me, asking if they should leave the country. I have families of immigrants who are terrified.”

What, exactly, are they terrified of?  Are they here illegally?  Do they have ties to terrorist organizations?  Are they here abusing our generosity, claiming to be “refugees” and collecting welfare and every other handout and subsidy which We the People provide for our own?

Van Jones said that this election of Donald Trump “is a Whitelash against a changing country. It is a Whitelash against a black president… ”  As if being white is inherently shameful, and that voting for a white man is – in and of itself – an act of supreme bigotry and hatred; a harbinger of death and destruction for everything and everyone in America who is not white.

As if the election of a wealthy white man must inevitably, and overnight, turn the white majority of Americans into a bloodthirsty mob, out to inflict pogrom on every non-white person within our borders.

We, the American People, are the most generous, charitable, loving, protecting, open-minded, and welcoming people on the face of the Earth, bar none.  Our Nation has given more of itself to those in need around the world – just in the last fifty years – than any other nation in the entire history of the world. Period.

But for the likes of Van Jones, that is nowhere near good enough –  The Van Joneses of the world, the Rahm Emanuels of the world, the Bill and Hillary Clintons of the world, The George Soros’s of the world would have us give everything that we have and more, to the point that we utterly destroy ourselves, in favor of others.

What they want is for an America that is insane – suicidally insane, after the same fashion as Sweden or Germanyto give every last thing that we have away.  EVERYTHING, right down to our very own future, as a people and as a Nation.

Well to Van Jones and all his “terrified” friends, here is your answer – YES.  Yes you should prepare to leave “the country”.
It’s not “the country”, it’s OUR COUNTRY – WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

And for Van Jones and all his filthy progressive co-ideologists,
I have a few words for you –


How Do Those Words Taste, Now?

Immigrants, if you did not come here to become Americans – to truly and completely join our culture and become part of our Nation, to integrate into our society and become contributing members just as we are – then America is not for you.   If you hate what America is and what it stands for, then by all means get the heck out.  The sooner the better, in fact. 

And if you were born here, and yet you hate the America that you were born into – there are hundreds of other countries to which you can go.  And I’m sure that at least a few of them have the society, the government, the cultural ideology that is JUST right for you, and I encourage you to pack up and go find it.







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4 Responses to When You Listen to the Devil

  1. Average Joe says:

    Hear! Hear!

    Why on earth should we care, in the least, what those who hate and want to destroy us, say about us? Is there any evidence to support the benefit of the doubt? How mush more money will it take? How many more lives should be sacrificed? How many more rapes must our women endure? How much longer will we allow our children to subjected to violence, humiliation, and what can only be described as a despicable educational system that is little more than propaganda machine teaching them to hate themselves, their parents, God, and anything else stemming from our heritage, history, culture, and religion.

    It is well past time we stop attributing our goodwill and intentions to others who do not, and likely never will, aspire too or attain or offer benefit of them. We have historical precedent to accept that living under such false pretense is a direct threat to ourselves, our children, and our way of life. It has cost of TRILLIONS in wasted tax dollars, tens of thousands of lives, untold rapes and assaults and if that is not enough to awaken even the most obtuse among us then it behooves is to resist their stupidity and take corrective actions.

    If we are ever to live in peace and have our posterity live in peace we must accept that fact that there are different peoples, different cultures, different religions, and that while godless communism forwards the mistaken belief that none of it matter, in reality, is actually does matter.

  2. Sandpiper says:

    Each Black American (Van Jones included ) should visit Africa and see the conditions most Africans live in today! After their visit, if they were honest they would say, Thank God for slavery!

    • LT says:

      Heh, whites do most of their lying to others, while blacks lie mostly to themselves. The obvious problem here is that everyone is too busy believing what they want to believe, to even consider looking for the objective truth. At least half the adults in America no longer even believe there is such a thing as the objective Truth -- which makes having a conversation with them effectively impossible…

      Because A) they absolutely refuse to listen to you because your race/ethnicity are different than theirs; and B) they are so emotionally overwhelmed and mentally challenged, that they actually lack the capacity of reason necessary to examine the possibility that your point of view might actually be valid

      And this is how the feedback loops get so tight and so strong that they are effectively unbreakable. There are entire swaths of the population that you simply cannot communicate with.

  3. Smitty says:

    Marxist are not looking for communication they want to shut you down period. We will never be correct no matter what we say or do so we may as well do as we please.
    They want you and I and anyone that thinks like us dead. They have a very simple philosophy either do as they say or they will destroy you. They well understand what they are doing and to call them stupid or dumb covers the real danger they represent. This man is a devout Communist and he will kill every patriot to achieve the ends desired by the Marxist mobs.

    “It would be in every American’s best interest to know the name Van Jones. Moreover, people in the US need to know where this man’s been, who he’s been with, and understand who his associations are. He’s “willing to forgo the cheap satisfaction of the radical pose for the deep satisfaction of radical ends”. These words are the road map between Jone’s early visible radicalism and his recent “respectable” activism. “The Radical Pose” is the first in a two part series focusing on President Obama’s former Special Adviser Van Jones.”


    “I have often said it is better to have an honest enemy than a dishonest friend. Not because I’m desirous of having enemies but because I’m tired of being sold out behind closed doors by those claiming to represent my values. “Honest people don’t hide their deeds”, as Emily Bronte so eloquently put it. Often it is possible to determine what someone is thinking by listening to what they say. And if you want to know what they believe, watch what they do. But if you really want to know where an individual’s headed, take a look at where they came from, who they’ve been with, and who their associations are. Trajectory can be a powerful thing. Thankfully not as powerful as an informed citizenry.”


    We are up against a determined enemy who admits genocide is an acceptable way to achieve the ends they desire. We did not dodge a civil war by electing Trump we only changes the parameters of the fight. Steve Bannon understands what the Marxist are capable of so the MSM will try to destroy him in the coming weeks. As long as he is close to the president we have a chance of a successful outcome of the coming battles.

    The street fights will escalate in the coming weeks and culminate with an attempt to shut down the inauguration of Donald Trump. Van Jones is only one of many unseen organizers who will sharpen their knives and build a street machine to destabilize the nation.

    This is only the beginning.

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