Your WKRP “Pinochet” moment …



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2 Responses to Your WKRP “Pinochet” moment …

  1. Wes says:

    I don’t want to divide up the country. I don’t want to occupy New York City or San Francisco. I just want to take the minority of outraged Communists and build a monument to freedom with their skulls.
    The Democrat Party is willing to burn America down in order to steal it, and they are now the open enemy of the state and the people, and they’re going to get their reply ballistically, not rhetorically. Once you’re kissed in the forehead that way, there is no further reply. Nature is brilliantly subtle like that.
    Nothing less will suffice any longer.
    I’m not telling anybody to open that party, but I’m telling you that party’s getting opened, and once the genie’s out of the bottle, all bets about how long, how widespread, and how bloody are rampant speculation based more on hope than reality.
    We had a country.
    One side has consistently refused to live under the rules of that country.
    They are about to reap the consequences of that course of action, in a Darwin Award-winning manner, and it’s liable to be the Third Punic War for them, their families, and anyone carrying water for them, before the dust settles, whether it happens in dribs and drabs, or all at once from coast to coast.
    But the match and the fuse are about to have a fateful meeting.

  2. Hans says:

    No, Wes … Democrats are not “the open enemy of the state” as you allege above.

    Democrats and their collaborators ARE the State.

    We who aspire to Rightful Liberty are the enemies of the State.

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