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The 9/12 Project has launched its inaugural program to educate and engage the youth of America…Patriot Camp!  Patriot Camp is the first of many education programs to be offered by Constitutional Champions Foundation, the exclusive youth education program of The 9/12 Project.

We encourage YOU to organize a Patriot Camp in your community! Join in with over 100 individuals who purchased our materials in the first 2 months.  Our Patriot Camp will be attended in 36 states. Together we will raise strong Patriots by sharing with them our rich history along with the Principles and Values that make America great.

Purchase your Patriot Camp Kit today, available through Constitutional Champions at In it, you will find details on how to organize and hold a successful Patriot Camp, including 3 handbooks and items to make your camp fun and exciting!

Coming Soon…

Patriot Camp 2011 – our second curriculum in the series.  Plus, a school program for volunteers to teach during Constitution week and information on how to start a CCF High School Club in your area!  Learn how to get involved in shaping America’s next “greatest generation”.

Yvonne Donnelly
The 912 Project
National Chair

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