Glen Bradley Interview

Glen Bradley is the newly elected representative for NC District 49.


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8 Responses to Glen Bradley Interview

  1. Lynn Childs says:

    Excellent informative interview! Great insight to what is going on. Are you going to do more with other reps?

  2. Rhonda Crowder says:

    Excellent interview David and Randy. I like what Glen has to say. Need more like him!

  3. All these idea’s are great, but the problem is the current NORTH CAROLINA government is de facto. So, the constitutional system that isn’t being followed is because the “constitutional order” has been usurped, not simply ignored. Until the usurpation is addressed and dealt with you are just moving chairs on a sinking ship. I realize that the truth is not very popular, however until it is dealt with “We the People” will continue to be a under a subject class personage.

    I have tried to discuss these things with Glen in the past, both he and I were delegates in the 2008 GOP convention, both of us witnessed the fraud executed by the executive committees B.A.R. counsel. This kind of behavior is and will continue to be common place; standard operating procedure, so long as the foundation of American government continues to be based upon fraud, despotism, tyranny, usurpation, breach of trust, and the over throw of law. You can pass all the de facto legislation you want claiming whatever part of the Constitution for the United States of America you want, it doesn’t cut out the corruption it only treats the symptoms and slows the spread of a terminal disease. Participate in Lawful Government, it is the only way to restore “constitutional order”, short of a successful counter revolution.

  4. William Sterrett says:

    Great interview with Glen Bradley. I agree we need more in service to our state like him. I like very much his interest in developing the state “comemorative silver coins”. I believe this shows not only forward thinking, but good common sense.

    Thanks David for I will look forward to new posts with anticipation!

    In Liberty, Bill

  5. Tim Peck says:

    Really good. Thanks, David, for doing this.

  6. Laura Long says:

    Very good interview… I think this helps us to get to know our representatives, and it helps to hold them accountable to their constituents. David, thank you for all you and Randy do to support the conservative cause -- your efforts are very appreciated!

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