We’ve Seen This Before


Oh. Dear. Heavens…

The FBI is turning schools into secret committees to assess children as a “terror threat”.

You may have heard recently about the Obama’s “Countering Violent Extremism” (CVE) program, which essentially makes it a law that any information of any suspected Islamic terrorist must be ignored. (Rush Limbaugh has a great explanation on the CVE program). 

If ignoring Islamists and watching what Grandma is doing isn’t bad enough; the FBI is now doubling down and is specifically targeting children by recruiting “your neighbors, school counselors and clergy” to join secretive local committees that will evaluate whether your child needs to be reported to law enforcement as a potential terror threat.”

The FBI has also created a website “Don’t Be A Puppet” which seeks to educate young people on extremist ideologies. It lists alongside terror organizations ISIS and al Qaeda, “domestic terrorists” – such as anti-abortion extremists, sovereign citizen extremists and militia extremists. Flagged children are required to be referred to the agency and an intervention plan must be launched, and/or behavioral therapy or other mental health care might be given to the “disaffected youth”.

From government’s current non-reaction to real threats and logic contortions trying to pin this on “other domestic terrorists” it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out just whose children will be targeted.


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5 Responses to We’ve Seen This Before

  1. Tom Angle says:

    Who here wonders how the German people allowed Hitler to come to power? Who here thinks it cannot happen here?

    • LT says:

      First, the sentiments of the people were shaped and formed. This was the longest period of the corruption, for thus is the building of such a thing -- that the foundation, though not visible, requires the longest to construct.

      Then, there was the necessary cathartic event -- the Reichstag fire -- which ignited the passions of the volatile, and gave light to the fears of the fearful…

      …and then came the tyrant, to the roaring applause of the multitude,
      whom he purposed to exalt himself upon, by destroying them.

      It can happen here. It *IS* happening here.


      • Tom Angle says:

        The ending is what worries me. The German people paid dearly in the end for backing or backing down from Hitler. Especially those in eastern Germany.

  2. Tom says:

    Anybody seen Pete at WRSA? Sites been static for a little, not like him.

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