Fear and Greed Index Goes Hard Left



And the forecast is for increasingly cloudy skies, with a 40% chance of civil unrest this fall, as we face the front of an incoming storm which currently carries a 65% chance of spawning twisters and bank-runs throughout the winter, with a flash flood of commercial and bank failures in the international trade complex, beginning as early as January 2017.

The long range forecast is for sinking economic performance across the globe, amid record-breaking currency volatilities, increased isolationism, and the growing potential for international conflict as we go into Summer of 2017.

All aboard whose coming aboard, and everyone else please mind the yellow line.  Wouldn’t want any one to get hurtThis train is now departing; next stop, is “Collapse of Nations” station, the last station on the line.  This is the LAST STOP on this line.  Please gather all your belongings and be prepared to exit the train, as you will not be allowed to remain aboard once we arrive.

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