Federal Surveillance Expands Again, One Warrant Does It All



The Federal Government has given themselves permission to expand surveillance powers. Judges will no longer need individual warrants for media or information being concealed through technological means, instead they can cast a huge net over multiple computers. This is very troubling for anyone not committing any crime; data may be collected from an innocent person and searched or copied without their knowledge.

Unless Congress acts to amend “Rule 41” by Dec 1, it will automatically become law.


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5 years ago

When you try to use your debit or credit card, and you’re over-drawn, it kicks out as “declined”, right? Why can’t we apply this to our Constitutional questions? Either the pending law complies or it doesn’t. It’s quite simple!
What REALLY pisses me off is that folks try to twist and turn constitutional words into pretzels in an attempt to get their way. Pathetic! Try learning ENGLISH, ok!