I Am A Christian

I support the legalizing of all plant-based drugs.

I support the legalizing of alcohol before noon on Sundays.

I don’t drink, but I have friends who do.

I support personal responsibility.

I support taking care of the environment. But I do not believe in forcing it on others.

I support helping and developing relationships with other countries. But I do not believe in forcing it on others or making them pay for it through taxation. Our military should NOT police the world.

I am a man, married to a woman. I support REMOVING the government from the institution of marriage. If God created it, I do not need to ask permission first. No license required. And I do NOT want government benefits for being married.

I believe parents should educate the children they create.

Contrary to popular belief, as a Christian, I do not support stoning people, slavery, or killing disobedient children.

I support the right to free speech, right to bear arms un-infringed and without permission; and the right to keep the fruits of your labor, also without permission.

I believe America is…

  • …a Union of many demi-sovereign states, NOT a nation of one.
  • …a Constitutional Republic, NOT a democracy.
  • …is not broken, but has been overthrown.

I believe in state citizenship, not nationalized U.S. citizenship.

I support lawful resistance to unlawful government. An unconstitutional act is not a law (Norton v. Shelby County, 6 S.Ct. 1121) and liberty wasn’t won in a voting booth. I do not believe such resistance is sin. Romans 13 tells us to be subject to the higher powers, and I have taken the time to educate myself on what those are in this country.

I support the liberty to worship, or not, as you please. I support the freedom of religion.

I believe we can have a Union under God AND freedom of religion, both, at the same time.

I believe the government should stay out of the church, not the other way around. Separation of church and state is NOT in the Constitution.

I believe in community involvement and helping others in need.

I believe the church, not the government, should be responsible for the welfare of the community.

I am a Christian.

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