India Moves to Establish Regional Hegemony

It is becoming increasingly difficult to track all the scenarios which may impact the world.  Here is one which I believe is not receiving due attention – India has declared themselves a major player in southern Asia, and they have done a lot of political jockeying in recent days to increase their sphere of influence.  They have strongly aligned themselves with Russia and China, and now are declaring a long-range nuclear capability.

All the war-indicators are there: they are resource-hungry, have political unrest internally, and are doing the “war-dance” with well publicized military maneuvers and missile tests.  Generally this kind of a game is played to establish regional power – to become a “leader nation”.  What does this mean for US and other Western interests in the area?

I hear a funny little voice asking, “WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY A GAME?”…

For every new nation who enters the “nuclear club”, the risk is that they will use that power before they have learned what it really means to possess it.  Thus, every time another nascent nuclear nation comes to the world stage, the world is again at risk of a major nuclear exchange while they go through the learning process.

I don’t have a solution to the problem, nor closing words of consolation… just presenting something to be aware of in our brave new world (order).

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