Patriots Wanted – John Ainsworth Gives Presentation in Roanoke, VA

There are a lot of proposed solutions out there, but I am convinced that few aim at the root like this one. If we don’t understand the history of how our states and people came to be subjugated (or if we don’t even understand that we are subject to begin with), neither will we ever understand the solution to resurrect our states and restore them to their rightful position over the federal government. We’ll just keep playing the political games until we lose it all.

I attended this presentation by John Ainsworth in Roanoke, VA following the Open Carry Day event we attended in November. He provides here historical facts regarding the Reconstruction of our states, the role played by Abraham Lincoln, and a legal argument (I call it a resistance with a legal foundation) which is the remedy to getting our states back on top.

If you would be interested in forming a study group and/or having John speak in your area, please contact America’s Remedy. North Carolina residents have remedy through the re-established state of NC, the North-Carolina American Republic.

It is time for the PEOPLE to take a stand to get this country back on track.

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