Poland Says, “NO!” to Muslim Invasion

Germany, France, and the Czech Republic are not far behind, even though the so-called “leaders” of Europe have created the problem in the first place, and the “news media” refuse to report on actions taken by the French, German, Czech, and Polish people to deter muslims from being “re-settled” in their communities. The people of Europe are actively fighting back against the invasion of their homelands by muslims, and they have every right and responsibility to do so, just as they did 500 years ago when the muslim horde was turned back at the gates of Vienna.

May God bless and prosper them in their fight against the muslim horde which threatens to destroy the heart of Western Civilization.

Soon, we will be fighting the same battle to preserve our society, here in America.


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Average Joe
Average Joe
7 years ago

Each and every politician refusing to stop the invasion should be held personally accountable for the crimes committed by the invaders. And being put out of office is insufficient.

One is left to ask, where are the protests in this country?

Average Joe
Average Joe
7 years ago

“Americans are neither uncomfortable enough, nor scared enough, nor hungry enough, yet, to rise up out of their LaZboy chairs and do anything more strenuous than make a comment on facaebook, and click over to another program on their TeeVee while ordering another pizza to be delivered.”

Of that t here is no doubt.

We have allowed Biblical wisdom and thereby natural affection to be replaced with godless communist propaganda. Most have chosen wealth over liberty failing to understand that as liberty disappears so will wealth for we are taught to seek God first and His blessing will follow.