Prepper Festival in New Castle, Virginia (April 19, 2014) – Now Accepting Vendors


Prepper (noun) – A person who is prepared, or striving to be prepared for incident, natural disaster, etc. A person actively preparing or being prepared for situations that may affect the stability of home, life, or financial situation.

Planners of the April 19th, 2014 Prepper Festival in New Castle, VA are now accepting interested vendors. Vendors interested in setting up at this event contact Phil Spence at (540) 309-6650 in order to reserve your spot. Vendor spots are available for just $25.

Come out for some good times, food, educational workshops, vendors,  win some valuable raffle prizes, and even a Top Chef style Prepper’s Cook-Off at the Prepper Festival! This preparedness event is from the same folks who did the New Castle Open Carry Day in November last year — a very successful event which also garnered some attention in the media both via television (WDBJ7) and radio as well (WFIR News).

The Prepper’s Festival will include a wide array of vendors, workshops and even a Top Chef style Prepper’s Cook-Off! This event is sure to be fun and very informative. The event kicks off at 10am and will wrap up that day around 3pm.

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