A Choice of Conscience

I’ve really been struggling internally with all the attention the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates are generating. It makes me angry that Americans can’t see that they are like little pawns being used in a game. The social networks are a buzz with all the latest debate gossip and people are just glued to their television sets. I’m glad I cancelled our TV reception a couple of years ago, so I don’t have the option. I suppose people are wanting to educate themselves about these two candidates they’ve been presented with by the ruling parties. And I suppose that’s a good thing, I guess. But if you’re going to spend your time participating in this wicked, no rules system of usurpation, wouldn’t it have been a much better idea to put some attention to politics back when there was a viable candidate running who actually spent his entire political career on a foundation which fully supported and upheld the Constitution?

Americans today resemble a frog in a hot pot of water. Not only are they slow to react to the increasing heat, they just don’t seem to care enough to get the heck out of the pot! Not only this, but they’re actually kind of entertained by the bubbles and steam which slowly envelop their fat little bodies!

Many of you know that I don’t really care about the political races going on right now. To me, it’s just more of the same. And the debates, though I appreciate a good Jerry Springer episode as much as the next guy (not), are just a big joke. It’s kind of like that movie, “The Hunger Games”, where that guy asks, “What if no one watched?” That movie left me with a sickened feeling after watching it, but in the end, I think there is a lesson that some of us could take from it. What if we didn’t watch? What if, rather than parking our rear ends in front of the television for these debates, political nonsense, and watching our own destruction in progress, we instead spent this valuable time to educate ourselves a bit on what lawful government is really supposed to look like, and what laws we’re actually responsible to obey?

Look, Ron Paul isn’t the answer. In fact, in a country founded on the ideals of limited government, subject to the people, NO president should be the answer. Ever. But this is my point. The level of freedom that Americans are currently satisfied with is so incredibly low, that we can’t even get enough fire under us to get a guy like Ron Paul elected to this de facto government.

The founders didn’t need permission to exercise their rights. They wrote a Constitution, which, if not upheld by those elected, was to be a general guideline of resistance and possible “butt kicking” by the people. People today don’t even want to kill trees, much less kick any butts. We are weak, slow, lazy, and we deserve the government that we have, because, well, bubbles, steam, and melting flesh are kinda cool, right? “It’s all good.” We can walk around all day long complaining about the way the system is, the corruption of the politicians. But in the end, flapping our gums and checking boxes is about all we’re capable of. So what if our children inherit this mess of a country? So what if God’s laws are thrown by the wayside in exchange for a system that supports and promotes immorality, irresponsibility, and lawlessness? Oh, and God’s still on the throne. Forgot about that.

Indeed He is. And so this should be our fire so that we will not be lukewarm in our efforts. The founders sacrificed their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor for liberty. A checkbox in a voting booth just ain’t gonna cut it. My rights come from God, not a president or vice president. In this country, a president should be my servant, regardless of which person holds this office. In a lawful system, his power would be limited, restrained by the chains of the Constitution. I no longer vote for candidates in these offices. They represent an overthrow of law. But rather, I vote in my mind, a choice of conscience, that I will exercise my rights and obey lawful forms of government. It is my belief that IF this personal effort, along with its potential sacrifices, was made by all; then surely, surely, we the people could restore this Constitutional Republic for ourselves and our posterity.

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2 Responses to A Choice of Conscience

  1. David says:

    People want to believe that one of the two political parties holds the solution to our future. This belief is only leading us down the road to serfdom. Awareness will come about but only after hard lessons reveal themselves: inflation, gas shortages, rising unemployment, devaluation of FRNs.

    I realize that no one wants to come to terms with our problems, but reality has a way of forcing itself upon us.

    • cmuncy2 says:

      Agreed. Things will need to get worse. Obama has made a terrific puppet for that purpose. Perhaps heavier chains will soon be hoisted upon us and the people will begin learning their lessons.

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