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Simple Logic from Matt Bracken — Matthew Bracken (@MattBracken48) April 19, 2018

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Comey Loomered

MUST WATCH: Disgraced Former @FBI Director James @Comey CONFRONTED by Conservative Journalist @LauraLoomer on first day of his book tour. #ComeyBook #Loomered cc: @realDonaldTrump — Laura Loomer (@LauraLoomer) April 19, 2018 While Laura Loomer asked valid questions, the end … Continue reading

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What Is the Difference Between the Mueller Investigation and the Desantis Referral?

It's happening!Cannot stop smiling😎😛😉😊 — 🇺🇸 Patriot 24/7 🇺🇸 (@TT45Pac) April 18, 2018 The Mueller investigation was convened without referencing a specific crime. That in itself invalidates his investigation. Since the Desantis referral lists specific crimes, Jeff Sessions will … Continue reading

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Tip of the Iceburg

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I Have a Dream

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No One Said Useful Idiots Were Smart

How the Nazis Used Gun Control In 1931, Weimar authorities discovered plans for a Nazi takeover in which Jews would be denied food and persons refusing to surrender their guns within 24 hours would be executed. They were written by … Continue reading

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Sat Cong

Communist: Communism works when the right people run it. Patriot: So all you need are the right people. Communist: Right. Patriot: How do you get the right people? Communist: You kill the wrong ones.@wrsa @dcodrea — 12 Round Productions (@12Tld) … Continue reading

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When Will the World Wake Up to Islamic Tyranny?

Germany's streets in 2018: A Jew is attacked for being a Jew. An Arab attacked him for wearing a kippah — Voice of Europe (@V_of_Europe) April 18, 2018

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Facebook Police

I've been given four 30-day bans in the past 6 months. No reason given for the last two, and no appeal allowed. But my last ban was lifted, no reason given, after only a week.SHOW US THE CENSORSHIP ALGORITHMS !! … Continue reading

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Bitter lessons 25 years after Waco, Texas, siege

Twenty-five years ago today, FBI tanks smashed into the ramshackle home of the Branch Davidians outside Waco, Texas. After the FBI collapsed much of the building atop the residents, a fire erupted and 76 corpses were dug out of the rubble. … Continue reading

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Maybe the Russians Did It, by Robert Gore

Con artists are the most easily conned. If ever a military incident seemed to scream “false flag,” it’s the alleged chemical weapons attack on Douma. The Chief of Russia’s General Staff, Valery Gerasimov, predicted a staged chemical attack almost a … Continue reading

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Thought for This Sunday

“I will make mere youths their officials; children will rule over them.” NIV

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Wisdom From Our Founding Fathers

If our national security is so important to the “government”, why are our borders not secure? If the threat from a Syrian chemical attack is a concern for the entire world, why did not more Western countries participate in the … Continue reading

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Can You Discern the Truth?

From 2/18/18 NOW MATTIS ADMITS THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE ASSAD USED POISON GAS ON HIS PEOPLE: OPINION Lost in the hyper-politicized hullabaloo surrounding the Nunes Memorandum and the Steele Dossier was the striking statement by Secretary of Defense James Mattis that … Continue reading

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Independent Swiss Lab Says ‘BZ Toxin’ Used In Skripal Poisoning; US/UK-Produced, Not Russian

Remember how we were told my the politicians (not the scientists) that a deadly Novichok nerve agent – produced by Russia – was used in the attempted assassination of the Skripals? Remember the 50 questions (here and here) we had surrounding the … Continue reading

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