40 million tons of weapons and arms were shipped out of Libya to Syria

World War III is about to start. And Obama’s foreign policy failure(s) in Benghazi, Turkey and Syria will be the catalyst. The following information shows that 40 million tons of weapons were shipped to rebels in Syria (al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood) via Turkey by this administration. This is the reason why the old adage “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is a fallacious argument: al Qaeda is the enemy and there is no justification for arming them. Ask any soldier who has served or is serving in Afghanistan concerning this simple fact.

As more facts emerge concerning the Benghazi tragedy, at least the following information makes some sense for sacrificing one ambassador and three Americans in order to save a rescue team from certain death in a well organized ambush. As stated many times in the past, Putin is playing chess and Obama is playing checkers.

What will be the consequences in our elections? That is not the pressing question. What will be the consequences in Syria now that the rebel’s supply chain has been cut off? Assad stays in power, Russia keeps control of their Mediterranean naval bases, Iran has a closer presence to attack Israel and Obama has been shown once again to be impotent.

But back to the election fallout. If Obama wins reelection, impeachment proceedings will start after Congressional hearings in mid November. WWIII and/or civil unrest will be the only legacy of a failed presidency.

David DeGerolamo

The hidden real truth about Benghazi

by Doug Hagmann

Based on information provided by my source and corroborated elsewhere, the official account by administration officials is a mosaic of lies that were necessary to cover the unpalatable truth of covert actions taking place in Libya, Syria, Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. The primary objective of our covert actions was to secretly arm anti-Assad “rebels” in Syria by funneling arms from Libya to Syria via Turkey, with other destinations that included Jordan and Lebanon.  Regarding the threat to Stevens and the other murdered Americans, the truth will reformat the persistent question posed to government officials, from UN Ambassador Susan Rice to White House Spokesman Jay Carney and others from “how could you not have known” to “how could you have done these things?”

First, it is important to understand that Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Dougherty and Tyrone Woods were not killed at a consulate office in Benghazi—as there is not such office there. They died at one of the largest CIA operations centers in the Middle East, which was located in Benghazi and served as the logistics headquarters for arms and weapons being shipped out of the post-Qaddafi Libya.

Although the U.S. government insisted that Stevens was involved in securing and destroying the numerous caches of arms and weapons once under the control of Qaddafi, the operation was more complex than that. The visual accounts of weapons being destroyed were indeed real, but those weapons were not operational. The working weapons were actually separated and transported to holding facilities for their eventual use in Syria. Russia was fully aware of this operation and warned the U.S. not to engage in the destabilization of Syria, as doing so would endanger their national security interests. Deposing Assad, as despotic as he might be, and replacing him with a Muslim Brotherhood-led regime would likely lead to unrestrained Islamic chaos across the region.

The Turkish warning

According to my source, Ambassador Stevens was in Benghazi on September 11, 2012 to meet with his Turkish counterpart, who reportedly warned Stevens that the operation was compromised. They met in person so that Stevens could be shown overhead satellite images, taken by the Russians, of nefarious activities taking place in Turkey. But just what were these nefarious activities?


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3 Responses to 40 million tons of weapons and arms were shipped out of Libya to Syria

  1. ownahome says:

    The piece of the puzzle that I still ponder is why Hillary Clinton is taking the bullet for this. We know she and Bill hate Obama and I don’t see any advantage unless she sees something past the elections none of us are aware of. As far as impeachment goes, that has become as relevant as the racist card. Since Slick Willy had it done, it’s no longer a shame. And Obama won’t be convicted, in my opinion, even if the Senate becomes Republican. They don’t have the gonads anymore to do their sworn duty.
    Beck thinks Petreaus will take the fall. Maybe he will, too, but Hillary already stated she was responsible for security (which is a lie anyway).

  2. brocktownsend says:

    Amen and posted.

  3. Patriots/for/freedom says:

    I and my friends who I will not name have spent 13 months gathering all the needed info on the arms being shipped to Turkey /Pictures/15 ground operatives/satellite photos even ship loading and unloading CIA moving these weapons into Syria we have spent upwards of 50 million for this operation /and taped conversations of Obama and Hillary on this and more we will be going to the Speaker of the House within 2 weeks /this will make Watergate look like nothing and the Demorat party will crumble to its knees

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