After Obama’s Nuke Deal, What Happens If Israel Attacks Iran?

In urging congressional Republicans and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to reconsider their strong opposition to a new international agreement to block Iran’s development of a nuclear weapon in return for lifting economic sanctions, President Obama on Wednesday argued opponents of the deal have offered no alternative to diplomacy except going to war in the Middle East.

“Israel has legitimate concerns about its security regarding Iran,” Obama said at a White House news conference, referring to Israeli leaders’ repeated concerns about Iran’s sponsorship of Hezbollah and repeated calls for the destruction of Israel. However, Obama noted that these threats would be exacerbated if Iran obtains nuclear weapons, and Netanyahu has yet to present a better “Plan B.”

“Without a deal,” the president said, “there would be no limits to Iran’s nuclear program and Iran could move close to a nuclear bomb. Without a deal, we risk even more war in the Middle East.”

But what would happen if Netanyahu made good on his threat to launch a preemptive military strike to take out Iran’s nuclear plants? If he concluded that the very survival of the Jewish state were at stake?  How would the United States — Israel’s closest and staunchest ally — respond to such an attack with so much invested in a diplomatic solution to the Iranian nuclear threat in the Middle East?


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2 Responses to After Obama’s Nuke Deal, What Happens If Israel Attacks Iran?

  1. Robert the Biker says:

    No offense and all, but just what exactly would the current pussified, downsied, touchy feely “lets not overload the girls with packs and ammo” military be expected to do?* Israel has missiles, top range fighters and battle hardened troops and would not give a shit about how many Americans had to die to protect their homeland, why should they? The alternatives for them are total victory or extermination. YoMama may whine and bloviate all he likes, it would be all over but the crying before he even got the teleprompter plugged in.

    * Do not go on to me about veterans either**, they are not welcome in the new Army unless they sign up to all the “women and gays are our future” military, all the serious officers have been purged
    **Yes, I have been ‘in’, more years ago than I care to think about

  2. phil says:

    If Israel attacks Iran , you can just about guarantee the sodomite in the house of sodomy will order an attack Israel on behalf of the islamic murderers, this is what he wanted all along. he is in this position of power because the Jews bank rolled the sodomite two times and the murders will be on there heads. The sodomite loving jews supported him whole heartily and sided with him, these jews are the same ones who live in Manhattan, Miami, etc are Marxist Jews and will go along to get along. its this bad crop of people and they all should deported to China or Russia or send them back to Israel.

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