Are We Comprehending The Barnhardt Axiom YET?


The fact that a given person is holding or seeking high-level public office is, in and of itself, proof that said person is morally and/or psychologically UNFIT to hold public office.

So… Paul Ryan.

Yeeaah. You know how you coulda seen YEARS IN ADVANCE the fact that Paul Ryan is a lying psychopath who would gleefully assrape his own grandmother, or an entire planet of grandmothers, for a nickel?


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29 Responses to Are We Comprehending The Barnhardt Axiom YET?

  1. “Remember, the only thing that actually WANTS to be in a cesspit is a PIECE OF SHIT”

    Unless that “thing” is something called “RidEx”. The “Tidy-Bowl Man” also qualifies when referencing the “toilet” DC has become.

    Let’s face it, if we can’t elect someone, out of the “norm”, to fix this country, then we have only ONE alternative left. And THAT is NOT what any, God-fearing, American wants but , I’m sure, is willing to endure; ONLY if necessary.

    I’m not saying Trump is the perfect candidate but, by far, he’s our last, best hope. Cruz isn’t hard enough on islam to face it like the true enemy to civilization that it really is.

  2. Average Joe says:

    While can appreciate the sentimement I am reminded of some previous self pronounced contestants for the “cesspit” such as former Senator Hesse Helms and our current Representatuve Walter Jones who has paid dearly for his efforts to stop the overseas adventures and the restoration of liberty. While few and far between it seems to me such men need our suppor no matter where the road leads.

    • David says:

      Any politician who thinks they can fight the evil that has consumed the government is delusional or lying. There is no political solution.

  3. Ray says:

    So Hadenough, You think that a professional con man with a dead rodent on his head “is our last best hope”? For what exactly? WE DO NOT SELECT THIESE MEN!!!!! “Voting” is a form of masturbation , that allows you the fantasy of believing that Santa is coming to save you. While allowing another guy just as evil as the last guy to bugger you. The only vote we have left to us is the one we aren’t allowed to talk about. Anything else is just another internet circle jerk. There is in fact a solution, but it is one too terrible to contemplate; and in 21 century AmeriKa ,one that to speak of, could send you to the gas—or to war. Which for many of us would be much the same thing.

  4. Malcolm Reynolds says:

    “I’m not saying Trump is the perfect candidate but, by far, he’s our last, best hope. ”

    You’re a complete and utter buffoon

  5. And you, Sir, are entitled to your opinion. That said, what is your suggestion? If mine is the wrong answer, perhaps you have the correct one. What is it?

  6. You berate my opinion yet you fail to provide an alternative. Please, suggest one.

  7. Matt Lusk says:

    So this axiom only proves the holder of this opininion is an anarchist doing ones own thing or a “bend over” doing whatever one is told. This is a silly axiom for another reason. No one can know the hearts of thousands of individuals. This makes the axiom believer a liar. One can say the U.S. government is corrupt beyond repair (true or not) but this is not what the axiom states.

  8. snowmiser-04 says:

    I think it would be helpful to explain why this is the case.

    Politics is downstream from culture. Culture is downstream from the Church.

    The Church has failed to be the Church and as a result we have lost the culture. Though I say this as a Reformed Catholic (Protestant), I am referring here to the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church.

    This is a spiritual battle. Spiritual battles are fought with spiritual weapons. Remember that as you train.

    Ephesians 6:12 (ESV)

    12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.

  9. Malcolm Reynolds says:

    See: The Barnhardt axiom and the post on her site with the link to this story.

    You probably think you’re a conservative but somehow or other, you’ve been duped into support of an Obama voting, Hillary loving, malignant narcissistic scumbag by nothing more than cheap bluster. That makes you dangerously low-info. I don’t have the answer and I don’t think there is one (see that link again) but, it’s clear given how low info you are, you sure as hell don’t, and never will, either.

  10. philip says:

    God will be our protector if you are one of his, but that does not mean we should not protect ourselves, families and friends. It is our duty to protect them. the Bible states, there is no other greater love then for a man to give his life in help of his brethren and you know what this means, I wont have to explain it.

  11. Jason Liuzza says:

    What I find a little odd is that a few posts below the “axiom” there is an entry whereby she links a video of a blacksmith and states he would be the kind of guy who should hold national office. But if that very fellow sought office her axiom would require that we assume the guy is a scumbag not worthy of office.

    • David says:

      We both know what her point is. The founding fathers did not initiate term limits because they were concerned that people would not run for office. The personal and financial sacrifice to be a true civil servant was a hardship even for wealthier patriots. When regular people replace the political elite, then a government that is representative of the people will be in place.

  12. Jason Liuzza says:

    No sir. That’s what you imagine her point to be. If that be her point, then her “axiom” is about as dumb a way to convey said point as imaginable. Many things can be said of Ann Barnhardt. But “dumb” isn’t one of them.

    If she’s going to elevate a proposition to the level of “axiom,” it better be a lot clearer than that.

    As it is, her “axiom” is very clear and there is no nuance in it that would allow for the inclusion of your desire for it’s meaning.

    Anybody who holds or seeks high level public office is morally/psychologically unfit to hold the office. BTW, take a look at this guy. He should seek high level public office.

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  14. Malcolm Reynolds says:

    @Jason Liuzza -- “he would be the kind of guy who should hold national office. But if that very fellow sought office ”

    Notice the difference between ‘guy who should hold’ and ‘fellow sought’…. Yup, I see it. It’s a big ‘un.. Do yourself a favor and try not to pick apart what she said in an attempt to make yourself sound smarter. It didn’t work.

  15. Fr. John+ says:

    I would say that, while Ms. B. has much that is correct, as a RC, her Trinitarianism is off, and thus, so is her soteriology, which she demonstrated in the transcript of the “Boston Talk.”

    Which means, take her with a grain of salt. (As I do all protestants… for, as the Orthodox Church has noted, ‘Rome was the first protestant.’)

    Now, having said that, if your readers only watch the J-media, then ‘of all men, they are the most miserable.’ Frankly, I am encouraged, and heartened to learn daily of the TRUTH the Trump train is making available to the American public, and sites such as ‘The Daily Stormer’ (even if they say they are Nat Soc) is doing to enlighten a populace that still doesn’t ‘get’ it…due to propaganda masquerading as reality.

    Just sayin’….

  16. Rich says:

    @Fr Jon -- so youre saying…Trump is the answer??

  17. Phil says:

    The only thing the trump train is doing is exposing the liars in all branches of government which astute citizens already are aware of, As for Trump being the next President , it could be but don’t expect anything to radically change. Trumps two children are both married to well healed Jews and he has very close ties to the other khazarian Jew Netenyahou, due to these marriages. Trump also has large business holdings in the land of the Ashekanazi jews. Trumps first order of business will be to eliminate the most toxic of Obama the sodomites E.O.’s since he has been in office ILLEGALLY, but then again the negro islamic might not want to leave in 2016 due to some more strange staged events in the U.S. which will occur under this evil demoniac negro form Kenya and Indonesia.

  18. LT says:

    We have, indeed, all been warned. Five generations have been warned, and none has done what was necessary to put organized evil back on its haunches, but rather have submitted to be led astray thereby.

    And now are we set to reap the harvest of these many corrupt generations -- whose adorning has been their own ease and prosperity, instead of placing the Glory and Truth of the Lord above all, in their hearts and in their homes.

    And here we are, the product of those generations of rot and decay -- a nation both ignorant and contemptuous of all that God has proclaimed good and true; and thus a nation who willfully takes lies for truth, evil for goodness, and bitter for sweet.

    And lo, how bitter our appointed end, for which we have all volunteered, and for which a Just desert has been prepared. We have been tested, and found lacking -- our prosperity condemns us, one and all; and so shall it be that our condemnation shall be removed far from us, and that with which our generations have adorned themselves, shall be destroyed.

    As it is declared in the 7th chapter of Deuterotomy, that those of true faith shall bring destruction upon the seven nations which were cast out of the promised land by the decree of the Lord, so shall the end of our nation be.


  19. Phil says:

    Amen to that LT, I could have not written it any more Poignantly. I believe its to far gone for the idiot demoniacs to awake out of there sleep, these dolts have been sealed with the mark of satan and there lot is sealed.

  20. Doug Brown says:

    Of course Anne is right. Anne is always right. Father John apparently doesn’t think so, but SSPX does, so it sorts itself out in the end. Larger issues than these are pressing in. The Pope is a heretic. The American President is a traitor, and the only Christian man on the world stage exerting Godly leadership is former KGB Putin. Figure this one out. Then the English Queen tells her constituents that this Christmas is their last. Given these peculiarities, Anne’s axiom, while certainly true, becomes rather meaningless.

  21. Phil says:

    Father John is clueless and is lost in his own idiocy.

  22. follower says:

    We have failed to nip it in the bud. Generationally. it? All of it.
    Rome is the stumbling stone.

  23. Doug Brown says:

    It must be very difficult being a Catholic Priest in this world, under these conditions. Much pressure from the Bishop to toe the line, little room for public speculation. Listen, there’s not much written about what to do when the leader of the Church packs it in and branches out on his own. People know Francis is a heretic but don’t know what to do about it. It’s worse than this. The American President has ushered homosexuality into the legal marketplace, exposing children to diabolical falsehoods, and acting as if these distorted unions were normal. The American President unabashedly supports the killing of the unborn, nor objects that the children’s dead bodies are used to manufacture expensive lotions and creams. Newsflash: The Islamic immigrant onslaught across Europe is his doing, as is the penetration into America of hundreds of thousands of young Muslim men. And this isn’t dangerous? Anyone with the slightest knowledge of Islamic history knows Islam is a religion characterized by steady constant conquest. Muslim Brotherhood operatives work in highly paid advisory positions in the current administration, hand in hand with this President.
    The Pope is a heretic, the President is a traitor, and the only world leader carrying the banner of Jesus, the banner of Christianity, is an ex-KGB operative, Vladimir Putin. Things couldn’t get crazier. So it must be hard being a parish priest. How to integrate and make sense of it?

  24. a follower says:

    Being or becoming set apart is a challenge.
    Back to Paul Ryan. Watching as his brother John Boehner also (a Jesuit schooled) member resign as his life long ambition (The Pope speaking) was fulfilled was very revealing.
    So then Paul Ryan feigns that he does not wish to lead.
    Read Paul Ryan’s Wikipedia page You would think he to would be a conservative, Von Misses, Ayn Rand etc. He is a member of the “Club.”
    Ease up on fr John for it is very apparent we have all been led astray!

  25. Phil says:

    Not me, i know just who these pieces of pig crap are and have always known, these are satans children along with the entire, and I mean the entire democratic party.

  26. No the Pope is not a heretic. The statement is heresy. The Pope is the leader of the Christian Church: the God-appointed King of Christianity. There is no Pope. The Novus Ordo sect (which is what B’nai B’rith apostate antipope Jorge Mario Bergoglio leads) is not the Catholic Church but the prophesied Scarlet Woman of the Apocalypse.

    Also Vladmir Putin is not the leader of the Christian world. In fact he gave the Iranian leader a huge green handmade koran from the 10th century as a personal ‘gift.’ This happened shortly before the downing of the Russian jet by Turkey. It is a manifestation of public apostasy assuming he even got baptized validly at some point in his life. He is not moral but a pragmatist. Russia is one of the few places on earth where incest is allowed. You are acting like a Protestant when you look to Putin as leader of the Christian world because it is a staple of Protestantism to look to politicians as their ‘spiritual’ leaders.


    What God Thinks of America

    Jeremias 50:41-43 warns the “daughter of Babylon” that Russia and its allies “are cruel and unmerciful” and that the leader of the daughter of Babylon, after hearing of their coming will become helpless and gripped in terror “as the pangs of a woman in labor.” God promises in Jeremias 50:37 concerning her soldiers, that, “they shall become as women.” God says in Jeremias 51:30 that her “mightiest soldiers” have become weaklings, are reluctant to fight, are taking cover, and that “they have become as weak as women.” In Jeremias 50:15 God mocks her “…Look! She surrenders! Her walls have fallen. It is the LORD’s vengeance, so take vengeance on her. Do to her as she has done to others!”

    Psalm 136:8 “O daughter of Babylon, you will be destroyed. Happy is the one who pays you back for what you have done to us.” She has to pay for dropping the atom bombs on the Catholics. She is putting her own offspring at risk by being highly obtrusive, very bellicose, and odiously belligerent towards Russia. She gave the flight path of the downed Russian jet to Turkey said Vladmir Putin. There were in fact many of her jets on standby ready to assist Turkey in the event the Russian jet retaliated. They were in waiting for the jet.

  27. The Lord works in mysterious ways. He used Nebuchadrezzar to chastise Israel, who was his servant. Now it’s Putin doing Gods work.

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