Blast Alert Against North Carolina SJR36 (HJR44) COSP

From Publius Huldah:

Here is the bill we oppose in the North Carolina House:  SJR36  (COSP)

COSP used underhanded tactics to push SJR36 through the NC Senate in April, 2017.

Then on June 29, 2017, the day before the session ended, SJR36 came close, but failed on the house floor 53-59. Later that day, they collected enough Republican votes for reconsideration. So, another House vote could come up at any time after their short session begins on Wed. May 16, 2018. 

If you’re interested in listening to the NC House floor debate from last June, you can find the audio HERE (start at 2:10 for 70 minutes); or the video HERE (start at 48:60 on the second video embedded in the article). The audio link has better sound quality than the video.

Interestingly, during the NC debate, COSP was looking for its 13th state, as they are still! NC Legislators might be interested in COSP’s lack of progress:

States where COSP failed to pass applications in 2018: ID, SD, WY, NH, KS, UT, WV, MS, KY, MD, NE, WA, HI, Iowa (And model delegate bills in VA and TN).

HERE and attached is our political cartoon where one can grasp a very complicated issue at a glance.

HERE and attached is our flyer explaining why NC legislators should defeat SJR36.

HERE and attached is our Brilliant Men flyer. 

This VIDEO shows Montana Representative Brad Tschida testifying against his own COSP legislation when he learned the truth.

Please write all 120 House members and ask them to VOTE “No” on SJR36 (HJR44), and any other Applications from North Carolina asking Congress to call an Art. V convention.

House Republicans (75) – Dear Representative:,,,,,Chris.Malone@ncleg.netSusan.Martin@ncleg.netPat.McElraft@ncleg.netChuck.McGrady@ncleg.netAllen.McNeill@ncleg.netBob.Muller@ncleg.netgregory.,,,,

House Democrats (45) – Dear Representative:,Cecil.Brockman@ncleg.netDeb.Butler@ncleg.netBecky.Carney@ncleg.netCarla.Cunningham@ncleg.netBeverly.Earle@ncleg.netJean.Farmer-Butterfield@ncleg.,,,,,,

Thank you for defending our Constitution!

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