Dear Hillary Clinton: pay attention

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109 Responses to Dear Hillary Clinton: pay attention

  1. Ron says:

    Wow! You put a different twist to what I have thought of her for years.Good job.

    • Dennis says:

      I am 64 years old, it’s reassuring to know that our nations future is in good hands if there are more like you young lady! A hand salute to you!!!
      If I live long enough to see the day where you run for president, I swear to you, you have my vote! You would be a fitting example for our first woman president!
      God bless America, and my God bless you!

    • Michael says:

      Kudos to you young lady! I wished everyone was as well informed as you…and not afraid to speak the truth. In this all too “politically correct” day and age, it is great to see there are intelligent young individuals out there. It gives me hope for our future.
      God Bless you, God Bless your father and God Bless the United States of America!

      Michael B

    • Tom says:

      As a Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran, I commend you for your very true candor. You are a true American, and I hope and pray that this AH will never set foot in the WH again. Everyone should get out and vote and make America great again. I have served my time like the less than 1% other men and women, and don’t want to see our country go down the tubes. People should have a little respect for the people who have, are, been there, and done it for our country. Thank you young lady. Wish you success in whatever endeavor you follow. Tom

  2. Cybill Kate says:

    Thanks from a Vet! Glad to hear and see that one of your generation knows what’s going on, and has the courage and spirit to tell it like it is! Hand Salute, young patriot! “Let’s Roll”

  3. Ted Winzig says:

    I just hope there are more young people out there who feels the same way.

  4. Ronbo says:

    when you turn 35 will you run ????? PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dick Parker says:

    Damn……. I believe she meant it……. how true!

  6. And I thought I’d given up on this countries youth!!! If there are more like this young lady, bring em’ on!!! We need millions like her! -Jeep-USN.Ret.- Pasadena, Md.

  7. Ralph says:

    Well said I hope everyone else knows what an ass she is

  8. Jim Simms says:

    I wish you were my daughter or more realistically grand daughter. Way to go girl.

  9. Diane Santos says:

    Excellent speech and I echo the sentiment. However, Dad’s quote at the end… Re: mom should have swallowed dilutes the seriousness of the message. . DAD: Your comment may be appropriate for your buddies , but.not your daughter.

  10. george says:

    i guess she doesnt like hillary but why would anyone

  11. John says:

    Thanks, youngster, from a Viet Nam patrol boat vet. And here I thought that my youngest daughter was the only one on earth who thought like that. Of course, my daughter also has a father who thinks like you. Bravo Zulu.

  12. Audioguy says:

    If the Republicans nominate Trump, Hillary is a shoe in!! God Save Us From Hillary AND Trump!!! ( A note to the young woman who posted this: Your use of body part examples, body function examples and your father’s quote took significantly away from an otherwise outstanding and articulate message)

    • gene smith says:

      Audioguy >>>>Grow UP… act like a young virgin who is just oh so shocked….Why don’t you try reading the thought, forget the way it is written, the thought iin the ties it is written is well worth absorbing and considering…..but first you will need to grow up.

      • The Old Fart says:

        Some of the comments about body parts and some actions are really mild to what I think of Hillary. The best hope we have is that she really stays after the NRA. Nobody has won trying to grab guns. It’s just a danged shame that Hillary’s mother wasn’t gay.

  13. richard says:

    She is the candidate for the “SOMETHING FOR NOTHING CROWD

  14. Kathy says:

    Great speech and I agree. However the reference to body parts and your fathers quote did take away from the message…

    • LT says:

      Kathy and all -- I agree. As visceral as I find the topic of HRC’s treasonous misconduct against our nation, there is a certain level of decorum which we need to observe when addresing the opposition; if for no other reason than to avoid lowering ourselves to their level of hateful and vacuous ad hominem attacks.

      And, to the young lady who recorded this message -- May God bless, strengthen, and protect your perception and understanding of the Truth; we need young people who can carry the torch as we pass beyond our useful age of promoting and *defending* our nation’s ideals and standards. But, by the same token I pray that He graces your eloquence with a temper suitable to your high calling, that what you proclaim should be ever above reproach, even by our adversaries.

      Warmest wishes, LT

      • Richard says:

        LT I don’t care ab out the naughty words, I do agree that we need to own the moral high ground which HRC has no part of. I am going to forward this to every Helleryite I can. She needs to lose by millions of votes, which may be enough to offset the massive vote fraud which I see coming. While 1985 was passed, Big Brother is still a huge threat.

        This eloquent young woman is a ray of hope for our future. Maybe a just and merciful deity will do the USA a big favor and call HRC to the highest court of justice. Short of an act of God, we need all patriotic voters to vote her out. GOD, PLEASE HELP THIS YOUR LAND!!!

        Ours could be the last generation to enjoy the american brand of freedom which I volunteered to risk my life in defense of.

        Semper Fi!

  15. Loretta says:

    Loretta says

    I agree with what Diane and others have said, took away from the message……………Like the part where you quoted her employer.

  16. Vicki says:

    Awesome!!! Someone who speaks the truth.

  17. Sergeant Major Special Forces SP OPS (ret) says:

    From a six purple heart veteran. Hope this reaches all the young voters

  18. Bruce Harris says:

    WOW!!! I do believe we have a winner here in this young woman. If only the rest of our youth were as intelligent, informed, and as articulate as she! And to her wonderful father, who has obviously passed on some good genes, I say “RIGHT ON”! Thank you, young lady! I hope that the rest of us good Americans can make this go viral!

  19. george says:

    Grow up, she did a great job,

  20. Nancy says:

    This young girl did a great job on summing up Hillary’s career and future desires of a career!!! If she does become president, you can kiss the USA goodbye! It is hardly the same country it was just 8 years ago now! I do agree that she could have left out some of the language that she used to describe her feelings for Hilliary. Some things can go unsaid and still be understood!

  21. You might want to spend more time, intelligently, explaining your facts about her rather than slinging out vulgar insults
    What a waste of time listening to your rant
    You do a disservice to your own passion

    • David says:

      How much research have you done into Hillary’s background. You do yourself a disservice by supporting someone who should be in prison.

  22. Nowhere in my reply did I say I am voting for Hillary, that was not the point of my reply
    My point was she did not need to fill her message full of vulgarity, too much time spent on that rather than information about Hillary

    • Bruce Iglay says:

      Unfortunately, sometimes vulgarity is all certain individuals understand. Hillary IS vulgarity.

  23. mandy says:

    peoples like you should be born every second. Forward youth !!!! m

  24. Hazel Smith says:

    It’s really too bad that she chose to use profanity at the end of this. I would have posted it on FB. Too bad she ended this on such a low note.

    • Gai says:

      I totally agree what she said was great. I was going to post it, but then couldn’t with the way she ended her comments. Her anger is understandable her language is not

  25. Sandy says:

    Have to say I love your dissertation!! Of course most of our generation know this about her. Only wish that more of yours did. Nice job!!!

  26. RickB says:

    If the demoncrats nominate Hillary, then Trump is the shoe in.
    Trump will eat her lunch in debates. Americans are hungry for real leadership, Hillary is unfit to lead a fish to water.

  27. rox says:

    What does Hillary have to do to not win the presidency…. kill someone? Oh wait she did that, its called Bengazi. I cannot believe that she is going to win the nomination and win the presidency. I can’t believe people are that stupid.

    The latest thing she has done is to steal word for word Bernie’s ideas. I tell students (jokedly) that if you are going to copy, change the words at least.

    She is going to win and there is nothing we can do about it.

  28. Evan Bench says:

    How is it that one being investigated for the “CRIMES” committed is allowed to run for the highest office of our United States ? What is going to happen should Hilary get nominated for the Democratic party and should she be found guilty of “crimes shown” it’s just not going to get better for our country ’cause Obama would give her a “Pardon” and they would proceed as planed… It’s JUST WRONG, while those voting would “OVER LOOK” her crimes as a ploy by the Republican Party to dis Hillery !!! As NASTY and uncaring as she is toward others it’s not plausible that any thinking person could even consider her while being investigated for her crimes…

    • Carol says:

      she will never get convicted and will just go on. After all, is it not her turn……i s this how it is done, like the first born……

  29. Jean says:

    You said it with eloquence. Thank you!

  30. Mama Kiki says:

    So what do we do if Hillary wins the presidency? Where do we move? The liberals are moving to Canada if Trump wins.

  31. Ted says:

    With 25 years in law enforcement this is one of the few times I have heard the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Great Job.

  32. Frank W Langbehn says:

    Put this on Facebook -- Get this message out to everyone! Had Hillary been Republican (Heaven forbid)she’d be in prison NOW !

  33. Brenda Berger says:

    This spoiled brat should have her ass spanked and sat in the corner. She speaks with out a brain.

    • David says:

      I think she speaks with a brain. The truth is hard to accept for some people.

    • Brenda…It sounds like you are a die-hard Clinton fan…and therefore a Democrat. The young woman makes a LOT of sense and it is long past time that Killary wakes up and realizes that not every American is brain-dead enough to fall in line with whatever brand of filth and lies Killary is spouting on this particular day. When will you wake up to the fact that 9/10ths of what comes out of Killary’s mouth is a damned lie. She is one of those people who you can tell that she is lying….. because her mouth is moving and there is no food in sight. The Clintons…and the Democrats…have almost destroyed this country I love. I served 4 and 1/2 years in the military and I thought I would never see the day when I would disrespect our president and our government as I do today. Obama and his friends the Clintons have almost single-handedly destroyed my country and altho you may not give a damn about that, I do. I have to watch the evening and nightly news with Obama and his pen and phone as he tries to destroy this country….for no reason other than the fact that he is a muslim and he HATES America as much as I love America. I do not think this country can survive another 4 or 8 years of Democrat rule in the White House. Killary made a statement that voting for her as president would almost guarantee that Obama would get a third term., and while she may think that is a great thing for my country, I know it would destroy us.

    • Thomas Young says:

      Some things are true, no matter whether you believe — or like — them.

    • Remember when she said “sit on your thumb”-that sounds like what you need to do

  34. What a horrible child!!

    • David says:

      I would concede that her language and ending took away from the message. However, the message itself is valid.

  35. Diego John says:

    I really shouldn’t blame her. I suspect her parents or father filled her with all that hate. Many of the charges listed against Hillary are unproven even after literally millions of dollars were spent to prove them. Do you really think Hillary had Vince Foster killed?

    • David says:

      It doesn’t matter what I think. I know that the FBI has convened a grand jury concerning her servers and that she will be charged with treason. At least if the rule of law is still in place (which I doubt).

  36. Cher says:

    While the stupid Clinton supporters complain about how she spoke, and speaking “mean” things of your hero, remember that if YOU don’t believe what she said about your hero’s, “The Clinton’s”, just get off your lazy a*% and research it yourself. You will see a very long and ugly past of Clinton corruption. Do your own homework before you call others liars and unjust bashing. The Clinton family is full of crooked and back stabbing dirt. I’m not a Trump fan but anyone other than another Clinton in the house. Please America!

  37. Howard says:

    I think this video should be required reading in all college campus’ around the country. A young person that clearly understands the concept: If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck: it = a duck….

  38. gene smith says:

    Sharon >>> She was speaking directly to you…..remember the “Vagina” comment towards the end? Go back and have another listen, you and the rest of us will benefit from your possible awakening to the facts of the matter….stay home, don’t vote, give us a break.

  39. mer says:

    smart kid. Read “The Clinton’s War on Women” by Roger Stone

  40. Paul Evanson says:

    What she said is absolutely true. Clinton is a criminal and should not be allowed to be on the streets much less run for president. I think the point some people are making is that the profanity and vulgarity take away from a powerful, truthful talk. How you say something can be as important as what is being said.

  41. OLd timer says:

    Unlike some here I can get by the vulgarity. The young lady has spoken the TRUTH. I can only find one thing in the presentation I would correct. That is, hillary has no integrity so you can’t be a traitor to it. Other than that, GREAT JOB. I hope you continue to spread your convictions. OT

  42. Diane says:

    I think the message is great and completely accurate. However, I echo the others in the constructive criticism — she is too angry in the delivery (which will put many off and potentially cause them to not listen to her — when it is an important message to hear), and the vulgar references and profanity lessen the impact because they are unnecessary. If I could coach her, I would tell her to redo it and read it a bit more matter-of-factly (not so “angrily”), and leave the vagina, bodily fluids, and profane references out. Then the video could potentially go truly viral.

    • oldtimer505 says:

      Diane: For discussions sake referencing the anger and the profanity. I had a first year accounting professor some 54 years ago speak to us about political correctness the first day of class. The PC fade, now mainstream, was just beginning. She postulated that the time would come people would be chastised for using non PC words. The tone of voice had to be that of a twelve year old child asking a simple question. Has society become to PC? You may be correct in saying that her message may go further if the profanity was removed. Then again is the young lady simply calling it as it is. OLd timer

  43. That’s pretty disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself. And you should try to clean up your language. My vote is for Hillary, who has proven herself to be a good leader for our country.

    • David says:

      Where do you buy your Kool-aid? You must be getting a great discount for as much as you are drinking.

    • Robert DeSantis says:

      Martha…the only thing that’s disgusting is you and the mere thought there are people out there who think the way that you do. It’s disheartening to think that Hillary could quite possibly take control of the White House and our country. Obama is without a doubt the worst president to occupy the WH in my lifetime, most likely all-time. What he has done during his 2 terms in office to DELIBERATELY divide this country is criminal. You need to think thru what he has done to dramatically widen race relations in this country. You would have thought he had an opportunity to narrow the gap but he failed miserably as relations are at their lowest point in my lifetime. And amazing so, Hillary has the Black vote in her pocket like she’s been good for the Black community in the US. What has she done for them? She is riding on the shirt-tails of Bill regarding Blacks in this country. I don’t get it. Hillary, if elected will be far worse then Obama. Hard to believe it could very possibly get down to a choice of either Hillary or Donald. What a sad state the United States is in. As bad as I think Trump will be for this country, Hillary will be 50 times worse. I’ll do anything I can to keep her out of the WH, even if it means voting for Trump. VERY SAD…

    • Carol says:

      Ask the parents of the dead soldier how they feel since she called them liars. How did she get 180 million dollars…….and what charity activities has happened. Her dumb, and I mean dumb spokesman said she sent “a person to go to the Congo to look for obese children”………………..Ask the people who “protect” her how she cusses at them with the “F: word and telling them not to look at her but look down when she passes. Why did she steal White House silver, china, and furniture. She has turned the middle east into hell fire a. Red the news from Belgium and other countries of the actions of these poor young men running out of the middle east. You are so not aware of ; anything…….but, you are the very type of person who is protected form the mess. We have lost the freedom of speech in many colleges………….I don’t know if we even really vote for our president with the “rules.” It is THEM vs US………just the very reason we left England’s rule. Enjoy the change.

  44. Howard says:

    If you really believe that, someone should Baker Act you on the grounds of extreme supidity

  45. Diane Santos says:

    This is the first Diane (in San Diego) to comment on this post… …to Martha… please provide just one example of where Hillary had provided any form of decent leadership.

  46. gene smith says:

    No Kidding…..that will take a stretch like never seen before.

  47. Sal says:

    She left out the cattle futures fiasco

  48. Tina says:

    She has given an amazingly wonderful speech!

  49. Jack says:

    RIGHT ON !

  50. Ed says:

    The truth always come out. See i knew it.

  51. Casey Dial says:

    I think I’m in love!

    Way to go young lady. This is long overdue but unfortunately we have a dishonest and sycophantic press that worries more about getting invited to the White House Correspondent Dinner then they do about integrity.

    Thank you!

  52. Betsy says:

    This was the truth however…I do think some of the nasty, gross and disgusting words took away from the good stuff. I know it is hard to get the truth across but…do it with less of the nasty stuff. But you go lady, you speak very well.

  53. Corey Kettel says:

    I must give this girl a well earned applause. It’s about time the truth about “killary” comes out. I can’t wait for the custom tailored orange pantsuit to be ordered and for the biggest internal evil this country has ever faced, to go to the second place she belongs…prison. (The second being Hell)

    Of course, in true liberal fashion, the political correctness brown shirts are out trolling yet again. Incase you left wing morons are not aware yet….WE ARE TIRED OF THE POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!!! We are not here to make friends or have tea….we are here to get our damn point through your thick skulls (Not like it will make much difference when there is not a brain in your head anyways). Frankly, if you can not deal with a little bit of vulgarity, I suggest that you pack your bags and get the hell out. End of story….get out of MY country.

  54. re edie says:

    now why don’t you give us your piss ant opinion on the criminal republicans who have done the same thing…????

  55. Donny says:

    My only hope is that at least One of HRC’s “patsies” have the guts to let Hillary listen to what this young female American had to say, cause I can assure you Mrs Clinton, she speaks for millions of “Freedom-Loving Patriots”.

  56. Yadja McCall says:

    This young woman is a breath of fresh air and this video should make it to Trump’s desk. Even for those who don’t like Trump he does spill beans and tell it like it is and I bet he would use this. I fear for her future if the election goes Left.

    Makes me proud of the female gender and that doesn’t happen much today.

  57. Del Funk says:

    Too bad she left out the $3,000,000 + bribe the Clinton Foundation received from Russia when she signed off on the Uranium deal. It handed a private Russian company American uranium sadly needed to fuel America’s energy industry. That is sedition, and she was not charged… Del

  58. Richard says:

    I am sickened by the thought that anyone could vote for Killary, much less a woman. Women have a better BS detector than men. ABC

  59. Rick W. A. says:

    How does a politician claim they dedicate they life to this country and is rewarded with hundreds of millions of dollars. One word “corruption”, go work kid. I only wish more of your generation get it.

  60. Thomas Young says:

    Being someone who felt that it was hopeless to expect anything from the new generation — as clueless as they seem to be, capable only of spewing whatever talking points they’ve been given on the telly — I stand corrected after seeing this video. The young woman who excoriates Hillary for her self-serving lack of integrity and courage, and constant involvement with scandal, speaks truthfully about what millions of Americams are too afraid, ashamed, humiliated, or ignorant to say about this political pariah who is a stench of deceit and death in the nostrils of good, decent men and women everywhere. I, for one, applaud what she states and the passion with which she says it.

    Well done!

    • Carol says:

      An IQ worth noting. People are busy and do not have much interest nor do they want to hear something that will upset their lives. I Just what I see. I It is felt it will be just fine.

  61. Richard Selje says:

    It’s soo nice to see someone of that generation paying attention to what’s going on. I hope there’s a way to get others of her age to ‘see the light’ rather than than ‘see the free’. I’d vote for her over H-> ! Get her booked. Dick Janesville, Wi yes, same as Paul Ryan

  62. Vi says:

    Just because you are so articulate and well spoken doesn’t mean you are correct. However, because you are those things, you will probably change a lot of minds. However, this is one you didn’t reach. I am sure that there are probably others out there who have chosen not to run who are someone better for the position of President. But for now, I truly believe that of those running, Hillary is the best qualified and she will have my vote. God help us if Donald Trump would get in there. All your ranting and raving could possibly help him to go there. If he does, you can pat yourself on the back when the world goes to hell.

    • David says:

      There is no political solution for saving this country. Anyone who believes the political elite will solve the same problems that they created is delusional. However, anyone who votes for Hillary Clinton is also delusional. Let’s see if she is indicted for obvious treason with her illegal server.

      So Vi, if you support a traitor, what does that make you?

    • TheOldPhart says:

      Wakey-wakey . . . the world has been going to hell for quite some time now Vi but living in your drug induced dream-world you wouldn’t know that, Anyone who could examine Hillary’s past and honestly say they don’t see a problem with her wanting to be President clearly has their head up their own ass or is on some sort of chemical substitute for reality.

  63. gene smith says:

    VI >>>>>It is you that is terribly misinformed and an idiot to boot.
    Anyone with even a minimum of attention to the FACTS OF THE MATTER would have to know the Hillary is a total disaster to this Country….and that is just up until now, God help us if she is allowed to go further in politics. She should be in Jail and hopefully they will put her there before she can do any further harm. VI….get over the female thing, a worthwhile woman will come along and be elected….no problem, but give this one a rest.

  64. She lay Longviee says:

    So KID, let me explain something to someone who thinks that they are absolutely remarkable in their intelligence. There is NOT ONE PERSON RUNNING Right NOW THAT IS Not WORTHY OF RUNNING MY UNITED STATES!!!! My COUNTRY AND ALL THE COWS, who are being bearded is beyond sickening to me. We lost who and what we are 30 DAMN YEARS AGO, I have never been more disgusted with AMERICAN People THAN I AM NOW!!!! AMERICAN PEOPLE SHOULD BE LED OUT TO THE DAMN PASTURES, because frankly none of you would know a good honest, moral intelligent with HONOR, person if they hit you upside Your FRICKICKIN HEADS.

  65. TheOldPhart says:

    You are 100% correct about the country screwing-over military and veterans constantly and that is truly sickening. This does not make the young lady any less correct in her rant about Hillary Clinton. The young lady has exercised her right to free speech. By the way, some of us appreciate the fact that everyone still has the right to exercise the right to free speech . . . especially someone as correct in what they have to say as the ranting young lady is! I’d like to end by thanking you for your service to our country.

  66. Andy says:

    Good for you to speak out. I am not much on “calling names” and adjectives without fact (you sounded like a politician). But then you started on some Topic Facts to substantiate your first few sentences. The sad thing is, like She lay Longviee states, Hillary is but a pawn as is Obama and those before him. There stands out one American that pressed against the grain during his days and for my brief intent interest in our political game I was encouraged. Since his time I have receded back to my mushroom in shame and disgust.

    Andrew Jackson

  67. peewee henson says:


  68. wes says:

    for all of you hillary lovers out there, go find your holes, dig deeper dive in and the dirt behind you. if you dig deep enough you find enough trash at the core and burn. then we will see what kind of language you will use.

  69. Daniel Less says:

    Great speech by this young lady! I was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden and I have seen my country being totally destroyed by Social Democrats and I have today nothing but contempt for them. It seems to me that O’ Bummer and Hillary Clinton are made of exactly the same materiel as some of the Scandinavian Social Democrats, and their departure from the White House cannot come too soon, they have been a disaster for America!! Wish I had a daughter like this young lady myself!

  70. Jeff says:

    So refreshing to see such a young Patriot! Your Father and Mother did a great job!

  71. 63Marine says:

    This young lady has her head on right…She can see a crook where a lot of others can’t see.
    You go girl!!!!

  72. 173 airborne says:

    173 AIRBORNE This girl is no different than the ones who protested the Viet Nam war. I ask WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR MY COUNTRY OTHER RUN YOUR MOUTH???

  73. Marshall Frank says:

    The right message, which millions agree with, but the use of vulgarity was a distraction, unnecessary.

  74. Barry Vinik says:

    I would have to say, “YOU HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK” !!!

  75. About time someone speaks the Truth about the Fat Cats that Bleed out Great Country Dry.

  76. Howard Gire says:


  77. Sofia Raslin says:

    WOW!!! Would you be my daughter? YOU should go for president (one day).

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