DHS Secretary: ‘Thousands’ of Unaccompanied Children Still Crossing Into U.S.


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8 Responses to DHS Secretary: ‘Thousands’ of Unaccompanied Children Still Crossing Into U.S.

  1. Phil says:

    We are a very, very sick nation and have allowed one islamic Marxist Negro to destroy all of us because our leaders are afraid of being called racists. Due to there inherent make believe fears they would allow there nation to be destroyed by one man alone . these feckless and treasonous leaders of ours must be held accountable for dereliction of duty against the people and the constitution. every single one of them including the judges who have abetted and allowed this lawlessness to continue unabated must be hanged.

  2. StBernardnot says:

    Hey Jeh (what kind of name is that? Can’t spell Jay?) why are you telling us about all these illegal brats? Isn’t it your job to stop them? You’re telling us you’re incompetent? DO YOUR DAMN JOB?

    • Phil says:

      jeh Can’t, he is also a marxist islamic negro doing the bidding of the head marxist Islamic negro obongo, and lets not forget the other marxist islamic negro eric holder the murderer with much blood on his filthy hands. nothing will ever change until we broom sweep all of the marxist islamic negros out of the government as well as the self hating white marxist democrap liberals, these are the internal/outer enemies of the state and nothing will change until we get rid of every one of them.

  3. LT says:

    This has nothing to do with anyone “doing their job”, aside from that fact that J.J. is pleasing his masters very well by facilitating this ongoing invasion of illegals. But look a little bit further up the chain, as it were, and ask yourself -- how are these unaccompanied minors getting to the border in the first place? How are these impoverished and disenfranchised families purchasing their passage from Central America to our border?

    Could it be, perhaps, that this mass migration is actually engineered by those with money and influence, whose purpose it is to dilute American culture? If so, it would be the greatest act of treason ever committed; far greater even that Hitler’s ‘Big Lie’, and with the potential to cause at least as much damage to society.

    The communists know that no one will put up too much of a fuss because these are *children*, and our own sense of compassion will reign in our just anger. Here, again, they are using our own better nature against us, in order to destroy our society and nation.

    By their words, they vehemently deny the truth of American exceptionalism; but their actions to destroy that exceptionalism are massive and ongoing, which is more illustrative of the Truth than they would like to be -- it proves that they hate goodness, strength, decency and honor; preferring instead corruption, weakness, filth, and deceit to such a degree as to identify their position as one of outright possession by Evil itself.

    We have been warned; and the little horn has indeed grown up…

    • Phil says:

      there getting here because the obongo marxists are providing them the transportation, the protection as well going to these nations and advertising to come to America. They are promising these people everything for free, or is it our stuff they are promising the little two bit marxists. The day is coming when they will kick you off your land, house and job, so these felons can take it, and in many cases it’s occurring now as the American people are still sleeping and high on pot and other drugs, completely oblivious to the transformation of there own nation.. Obongo and his demonic hosts have been seeding certain parts of the United states with illegal felons as well as allowing islamic terrorists to cross our Southern and northern frontiers for the last 6 years, all on the word of Obongo with no rejection from the house of representatives and the judicial branch. These felon abettors are all complicit in the deconstruction of there own nation. All I can emphasize to you folks is, you will awake one morning and hear a team of men banging on your door demanding you exit your house for interrogation, just like they did with my forefathers in Italy pre world war 2. My parents taught us what to watch out for under a fascist.communist marixst regimes. it ‘s steering us right in the face now. my question to you people,what would you do and your reactions while living under a martial law type situation, or will you sit back and wait to be carted off under armed military personal operating in a lawless manner while they take you and your entire family for a death train ride. My parents have seen entire families be carted off under Mussolini and never heard from again. so consider this a warning folks, because you are looking down the barell of a rifle right now.

  4. Rich says:

    this country has been destroyed thru this illegal invasion
    and the PEOPLE DONT CARE, well until it touches them directly..

    THEN THEY WILL CRY LIKE BABIES: “Why didnt somebody tell me”

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