Did Reconstruction End in 1877 ?

Not if Soros gets his way !

I remarked recently that I was having difficulty keeping up with all the events scheduled by activists aligned with progressivism, socialism and communism.

 A few of the many examples:  

While these factions are working to destabilize and create opportunistic crises for change, the Wizard of Oz is quietly planning an event to establish the global structures for life after the collapse of our current society.

“Today, as the aftershocks of our own Global Finance Crisis continue to reverberate, we face our own challenge of reconstruction. The 1944 conference was, famously, largely an Anglo-American affair, whereas today’s reconstruction must engage the larger European Union, as well as the emerging economies of Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia. In the years since the 1944 conference, the globalization of production, trade, and especially finance, has transformed our economy, but has not yet transformed our system of regulation or our tools of policy intervention.”

Text from announcement: Bretton Woods Conference 2011

Soros and company are bold to use the label “Reconstruction”.  We who have studied our history are not fond of the effects of Reconstruction at the end of the US Civil War .  

  • We understand the transfer of power to central authority, the effect on “citizenship”, and the diminution of our State. 
  • Reconstruction changed us from a Federation of aligned but soveriegn States to a National government with subordinate states as administrative subdivisions.

The left is hard at work to create the same “transformation” over a larger geography.  For years the advocates of a New World Order have pined to eradicate national borders and national sovereignty.  If the activists are successful in creation of a world financial crisis, they just might succeed.

Consider how you will “enjoy” that which is about to be forced upon us by those in the world who hate laissez-faire market philosophy and capitalism; who despise the engine of western prosperity. 

Consider carefully how the architect of this new Order has based its structure on what he deems man’s “fallibility”:

“We have now had 200 years of experience with the Age of Reason, and as reasonable people we ought to recognize that reason has its limitations. The time is ripe for developing a conceptual framework based on our fallibility. Where reason has failed, fallibility may yet succeed.”

Concluding sentances of: The Capitalist Threat, by George Soros (1997)

Let me paraphrase:

“… as thinking people we ought to recognize that thinking has its limitations.” 

How comfortable are you with the prospect of being ruled by people who demand that you abandon your primary cognitive tool, while they simultaneously entice you to embrace the product of theirs ?


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5 Responses to Did Reconstruction End in 1877 ?

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  2. Cliff Muncy says:

    I would propose that we could replace the word “fallibility” with “sin nature”. It is the fact that many Americans no longer realize we are sinners in need of a Savior that is the reason for our “thinking” to be so fallible. Do we need larger government controlled by yet more fallible people? Or do we need a solid moral foundation on which to base our laws and system of justice? In my journey to better understand our American history and the concepts of liberty, I have lost much faith in the modern day church and their compartmentalizing of our spiritual selves vs. our earthly selves. However, I am overjoyed to have gained such new friends and colleagues who realize the fallibility of man, yet do their best to combat it in their own personal lives and attempt to live a moral life of humility, love, selflessness, personal responsibility and honor.

    • Isaac says:

      Logic and reason, as presently defined, are simply models of a bi-valent way of thinking -- i.e. A is correct or incorrect, anyway. The fallibility of logic has indeed demonstrated itself.

      We, humanity, can look at the same problem and come up with different answers, and no one answer is going to be correct to everyone, though the issues may vary in severity, or be simply difference in word choice, based upon subjective “religious” or “spiritual” experiences.

      A wise man once said that, “To know what you know and to know what you do not know, this is true wisdom”.

      Part of the problem that we are facing in regard to the usurpation being exacted upon Americans, is that they do not know, and they do not know that they do not know. This may sound circular to some, however; people are arrogantly ignorant, and were never taught to think in more than one way. Words, and belief do not make something true, or false. The question is what do you really know? Are you taking my word, or someone else, that Lincoln was a great man, or a tyrant? Do you ‘know’? Or, are you taking someone else at their word on it?

      “When one man has reduced a fact of the imagination to be a fact of his understanding, I foresee that all men will at length establish their lives on that basis…” This is what has happened to the America, the “People”, we have allowed ourselves to believe, as facts, those things that we have, in truth, imagined, be it our imaginations or that of another we have placed some confidence in.

  3. admin says:

    A man who is able to use reason to examine his environment and external stimuli to make an informed response is a man who is free. Freedom is a natural right and we must now make a decision. Are we thinking men and women who recognize the threat at our doors or are we the “fallible” or “faithless” sheeple that Mr. Soros wants to herd into a small corral? This small corral was know as “showers” to the Jews being led to gas chambers. Their goal is 500,000,000 people.

    • Hans says:

      If by “an informed response” you mean the ability to act unrestrained toward the object of his reason, then I agree.

      Many practitioners of reason do their thinking in prison.

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