Everything you wanted to know about precious metals but were afraid to ask


As the Federal Reserve Bank continues to print $85 Billion each month, sensible people are concerned about how it will affect their personal wealth. The entity that spends each worthless paper dollar first, be it the federal government or a private bank, gets to spend that dollar at its current face value. The act of spending it, however, dilutes the total pool of circulating dollars and, therefore, devalues the dollar for each subsequent user. The result is an inevitable inflationary pressure on everyone’s cost of living.

If the federal government reported inflation with honest numbers, we would have “official” proof of what we already know – prices of life’s necessities are rising. This hurts the poor and people on fixed incomes who cannot increase their personal revenue to pay for food, housing, and transportation.

Most disturbing is the fact that the printing presses are running at maximum capacity in virtually every nation on earth. Moreover, countries are busy loaning money to each other, knowing that repayment of these debts is impossible. It is only a matter of time before this unstable house of cards collapses causing economic chaos and a social upheaval of epic proportions. The world’s financial elite have insulated themselves from catastrophe by owning and controlling national banks such as the Federal Reserve in our country. Clearly their plan is to use the panic, turmoil, and disorder to force the adoption of a global currency and world government under their control.


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