Germany – Migrant Filmed Assaulting and Bullying German Teen

h/t Matt Bracken

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6 Responses to Germany – Migrant Filmed Assaulting and Bullying German Teen

  1. Tom Angle says:

    The cowardliness is here in America alive and well.

    • Phil says:

      the day will shortly come when they will meet me in the streets and the first slap that comes my way will be met with wrath , i will dislodge the bones from there arms and put them where the sun doesn’t shine, so I hope and pray it does not happen to me, but if it does they will need more then 5 pieces of islamic garbage to take me down. and if they want to use a knives against me fine that,s what i am trained for.

  2. Average Joe says:

    Saw the same thing in public school back in the late 60s and 70s. Funny thing is my wife who is from northern yankee land, but has a Southern heart, saw the same things.

    Western man has become far to soft and comfortable. If we intend to protect and preserve what has been bequeathed to us we had better take the necessary steps.

  3. HopeForChange says:

    Has anyone arrested this “person” yet? Or can we not even arrest them when they directly threaten someone? This PC garbage has got to go!

  4. Mark says:

    I was fortunate enough to have had a Father who taught me how and more importantly when to fight. I was a small boy and I’m a small (5’7″) man. My Dad gave me real world self defense lessons on the ground…how to use choke holds -- my legs…how to stand and throw all the types of punches -- jabs, combinations, uppercuts, etc. how to use the hardest parts of your body (elbows) and more importantly he showed me over and over and over. All the training was with moral lessons on to never start a fight but why -- especially with bullies -- you have to fight or you will lose your self-respect…and if you don’t stand and fight the bullying will only intensify.

    All throughout my Lord of the Flies Jersey boyhood I never, ever backed down once…and I wasn’t afraid to take a beating (its not that bad…black eyes and busted lips heal…yea the tip of my nose is a little flat…but you should see a bunch of other Jersey noses) as long as I got in my share of the licks…and I did…I didn’t mind a beat up face…and guess what nobody…even the ones that got the best end of a shitty stick…never, ever once wanted to hold that end of the stick again.

    I went to a Jersey inner city all boy HS in the 60’s, a small white kid (nicknamed Chick-let by the blacks) didn’t belong to any of the gangs or clicks (and there were one of every race and one mixed)) and saw what was on this video clip all the time…but not with me…because every time it started I fought back and I gave as good…usually better…then what I took.

    The bully in this video (I don’t care where he is from) doesn’t need to be arrested…he needs to have his ass kicked.

    The victim (i don’t care where he is from) doesn’t need to have his tormentor arrested…he needs to learn how to kick his tormentor’s ass….or at least make him never, ever want to have seconds.

  5. iq says:

    they outnumbred him, 4-5 against one, sure his parents voted merkel and
    have a refugees welcome sign on the car.

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