Glenn Beck Attacked in New York

Glenn Beck described an evening in New York where he and his family were attacked by other people watching a movie in the park. Someone kicked or threw wine on his wife’s back and their blanket. You can read more about this incident but the article left out what I considered an important part of the story that Mr. Beck mentioned on the radio: no one came to his defense.

What would you have done? I would have stood up and chastised the people for their behavior and lack of tolerance. This type of behavior is not limited to liberals as I have personally witnessed this pack mentality by “conservatives”. Is this part of our nation’s problems? It is our nation’s only problem.

I could not imagine a moral and virtuous society standing by and letting a family be verbally attacked and harassed for speaking the truth. When good people stand by silently, the consequences throughout history are well documented. So what do you do now? Are you standing on the sidelines as our country is destroyed by a progressive agenda?

There are two quotes that people use much too frequently without acknowledging their inherent truth:

For evil to succeed, good men need do nothing

Unite or Die

Well good men and women are doing nothing and evil is usurping our society, country and churches. These are the same people who say the strength of the Tea Party is that we remain independent and not united. I say that this is being propagated by the Republican Party who fear the formation of a third polititcal party and by Tea Party Leaders who are more concerned with egos than our future. I say that this is destroying our efforts and it is time to stand up for the principles upon which this country was founded. We don’t lead a leader: we need principled men and women to stand up in the park, speak boldly and crush the mob mentality that is being unchallenged at all levels in our country.


 David DeGerolamo

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