Let’s “TRIGGER” a Snowflake …

This is a beautiful discovery:

So I am talking with one of my cuck friends that is a Facebook shill reposting a bunch of Huffington articles. I was talking to him about his kids and school and which school they are going to attend because they go to private schools. He starts talking shit about Trump and Betsy DeVos and how they are going to ruin the school systems. And I say, “well you made your decision to go to private schools long before Trump and DeVos had any influence.” He chuckles sheepishly and says the public schools in his area suck.

So I give him a little shit and say, “Oh yeah, so you are all about open borders as long as those kids don’t go to the same schools as your kids.”


“Fake American”

And this guy that I knew and loved absolutely loses his shit on me. I am talking epic meltdown. I thought at one point he was literally going to attack me.

I don’t know what it is with the left and that label “fake.” They really really hate it. I mean #fakenews is driving them f-ing insane.

So I walked away from that conversation not really realizing I had stumbled onto something. I told my based wife and she laughed at his meltdown. Then, I told my cucked mother-in-law, who I also have a really good relationship with, and she got very upset over that term “fake.” “You can’t just throw that word around.”

Huh? So this got me scratching my head. I don’t watch CNN so maybe somehow they’ve poisoned the minds of the masses to believe that “fake” is an evil word.

So I started dropping the label “fake American” every chance I got when I knew I was talking to a leftie, in a very casual sarcastic joking manner. And you know what? Sure as shit, each and every one of them had a strong visceral response – they were TRIGGERED!

So I bring this information to this patriotic community because there is power in triggering cucks and I truly believe this “fake American” label is the mother of all triggers.

I suggest you also start using it at every chance you get, every tweet, every text, every post.

Source: Reddit.com

I’m testing the idea with this new sticker in the window on my truck:

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13 Responses to Let’s “TRIGGER” a Snowflake …

  1. daveburton says:

    Here’s a clue, for free: anyone who calls other people “cucks” is an alt-right sleezebag, not a conservative.

    • Hans says:

      I read your link to the post on “The Daily Wire” and reflected on the pettiness of definitions across the traditional political spectrum.

      Mental distillation leads me to paraphrase: “A person is only valid and worthy if s/he is “like me” … a true Conservative.”

      So I ask you:
      What should we ‘conserve’ in America and American politics?”

      Both Democrat and Republican are private business organizations engaged in combat to homogenize America according to their will by force of government.

      In pre-constitutional “America”, political party and governmental control over private affairs was largely absent. (arguable, but defensible when compared to present day) People emigrated to this “new world” to escape tyranny and control over their lives in “the old world”. In less than two generations their grandchildren re-created the toxic environment they escaped.

      With regard The Daily Wire articles’ challenge of bigotry: true diversity is a result of human liberty. I can like whoever I choose or dislike whoever I choose, and that is good and just so long as I do not aggress on their equal right. I can conduct business with or not conduct business with anyone for any reason, so long as I do not engage in force or fraud. This is called liberty of contract.

      Our goal should be to promote human liberty, not use definitions and distinctions to splinter the people who are already struggling to live their lives as free as possible within a cage of governmental abuse.

      The only distinction that really matters is whether one embraces Individualism and liberty, or Collectivism and submission.

      I believe the individual is the fundamental unit of human value; an individual owns himself without precondition and social structure must respect the sovereignty of each individual.

      As I view our current domestic situation, this has not been accepted politically for a very long time. People who are engaged in #fakeNews and side with the Collectivists in media and government are the #fakeAmericans. Make no mistake regarding my meaning: many “true conservatives” merely support their own brand of collectivism.

      So I ask again:
      What should we ‘conserve’ in America and American politics?”

      By raising your “conservatism” above my liberty, you tacitly align yourself with those who would control my life by fraud or force. Breitbart was indeed correct when he aledgedly said: “Burn this bitch down”.

      A while ago I stopped writing for NCRenegade. I grew weary of the bickering and pettiness of those who should be working toward the same goal -- Rightful Liberty.

      In your very few words above, you confirm my decision to “retire”.

    • Unclezip says:

      Because you say so? Does that word strike a chord in you? Hit a nerve? Get a grip, snowflake.

      • Hans says:

        Temper your expectations … the man lives in Cary …

        • lon a follower says:

          Do you not see the endless name calling as a problem? A hinderance? Is it wrong to strive for higher ground?
          Does anyone understand liberty has responsibilities? So many seem to think freedom = lawlessness.
          What is virtue?

          • Hans says:

            You must have overlooked my reply to “daveburton” above, and not read my essay at the link “Rightful Liberty”.

          • lon a follower says:

            No i do not believe i overlooked your reply to Dave Burton. However i did not read the link at rightful liberty,
            Yet just the name causes me to pause.
            Is liberty rightfull? Is not liberty first a gift.
            There is liberty that cannot be taken.Yet worldly liberty is a fleeting thing.
            i will check out your link.

  2. lon a follower says:

    “Magic” words. Magic is also a word, to be aware of. Not many research the words, nor the forces behind them.

  3. lon a follower says:

    Fake News
    When a wall will not be enough, “to keep us safe.” With the news that a 52 year old man that was born in the “united kingdom ” has snapped. Think about it. The wolves(not just muslims )have always been among us.
    A wall is not enough, naturaly cencorship would be in the cards.

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