Michael Moore’s Idea of the Greatest Generation

A Message from The Greatest Generation (NSFW)

Produced by Michael Moore


What kind of sick individual would use people in such a fashion? These individuals in no way represent the Greatest Generation who fought against Socialism and Communism. However, it looks like we will have another Great Generation to restore our country.

David DeGerolamo

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2 Responses to Michael Moore’s Idea of the Greatest Generation

  1. anon says:

    In some extreme cases, the casting the vote can be a seven (7) hours waiting in line – extremely low service level? Too bad that there are no laws to set thresholds on how efficient the voting process in USA must be to match the “#1 democracy” phrase often repeated on TV — shame on you whatever your name is. As the 97 year old lady explains, she was liberated from disenfranchisement of womens vote. Those who can count years backwards, can also easily figure out that the 85 year old negro woman has endured a fair share of racial segragation laws, living in the United states (without arrest by police?) until rescinded 1954. Strong language such as threats of larceny or battery could be interpreted illegal in the strict sense of law — however the point is that these women have got a lot of BS from elected presidents, senators, congress members to deal with during their lifetime. True democracy is a virtue, where as the lack thereof is where we stand nowadays. The congress needs more ordinary people, to represent all the people in united states, that are not fortunate enough to fit the happy millioneers club. Putting dissidents in jail or prison, or with legal instruments strip them from voting or work privileges has always been the way of the ruling elite to preserve the current ways. Sometimes you need that 97 year old lady, that is too decent to be arrested and jailed, to prove the point. The lady which potential future martyrdom will also add her to the list of female Saints of the history. Film maker Michael Moore is a true patriot.

    • David says:

      Where do you live? Your grammatical structure shows that you are not from the United States.

      Michael Moore is not a patriot and the exploitation of people is dishonorable.

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