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RI State Senator Josh Miller & his camera man when asked how does gun control take the guns from the hands of criminals They reply “GO F%#K YOURSELF”!

RI State House Gun Bills Hearing
March 18th, 2014
-Reporter Dan Bidondi


Bidondi asks Rhode Island residents to consider whether they want to re-elect a foul-mouthed individual who responds when challenged in such an unprofessional manner.

Miller is staunchly pro-gun control, having backed numerous pieces of legislation in Rhode Island that, according to the NRA, “would turn law-abiding gun owners into criminals.” Miller’s major push is for a bill that would tax gun owners on purchases of firearms and ammunition, with the money being handed to ardently anti-second amendment groups such as the Brady Campaign.

A respondent to the YouTube video accused Miller of acting like a thug, commenting, “Typical mob guys. We used to jail the Mafia, now we let them hold public office.”


h/t Wes R

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    • David says:

      I watched this video before your comment. I decided not to post it for the same reason that I did not post the list from Sipsey Street Irregulars. Do we want a Henry Bowman situation to break out? Is that the only solution? I do not have all of the answers and this may be the issue that starts our restoration. So we have to ask if we want an American Revolution or a French Revolution. Colorado recalled some of their legislators over the 2nd amendment. North Carolina’s politicians will not allow the people to recall politicians or allow us to have a referendum unless they “deem” it so. I do not know what Connecticut’s recall policy is.

      I do know that the politicians in Connecticut have overstepped their bounds and the Constitution. So the questions that I am wrestling with are simple. The 2nd amendment was passed to protect the people from our own government. When and how do we stand up for our natural and Constitutional rights?

      • Rich says:

        but by not posting, you are censoring what is posted elsewhere

        • Dave says:

          In posting that video,” lawmakers list”, you are performing the work of the State and media which I believe is a violation of individual rights by publicizing citizens names and addresses. You want to post it on your own blog, go right ahead.
          Censorship is not the issue, good judgment is.

        • David says:


          A choice is not censorship. I explained my reasoning here and in my previous article concerning this matter. Let me know if you are in North Carolina and have your own website: I will link to it.

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  2. David says:

    I believe we both understand that the state will incite us to action on their terms. A false flag or federal provocation should not be the cause for our decisions.

    • tayronachan says:

      Which of The Founder said something to the effect that “the people will put up with great indignities”, rather than rise up? Because all reasoning people know how bad something like that could be. My wages have not kept up with food prices, but I can still take care of my wife (although she has to work too), I’m still eating 3 meals a day, I still have a hot shower on a cold winter night, and a warm bed to sleep in. When those things disappear from my life, and others, things will get sketchy. Oh, and if there is any gun confiscation, all bets are off. Then it’s time to decide if we are III Percenter’s or not. God Bless

  3. Rich says:

    riled a bit are we.. do i have my own site? do i live in NC? >> no to both!!

    ncrenegade? at least you havent blocked all of my links posted, yet…….

    • David says:

      Not riled. Responding to Dave’s comment above. Currently, I only post links to NC sites. I will start a new section for other sites when I have some time.

      • Rich says:

        Dave and David? I am still smiling at Henry Bowman!!

        btw…good judgement has nothing in common with gun registering politicians….

        • David says:

          I have read Unintended Consequences twice. My personal belief is that we are heading towards a French Revolution in this country. Scenarios like Unintended Consequences, Molon Labe and Bracken’s Enemies Foreign and Domestic may be our future. Are you sure that the time is now for this action?

          Dave (SFmedics) is different from me in these comments.

  4. Rich says:

    you post Preppers, Barnhardt discussions concerning the end of the USA but you have a problem with posting LINKS printing addresses of gun confiscating lawmakers..

    No other website seems to complain about the posting of these links..

  5. Dave says:

    My belief is that it is morally wrong to post ANY Americans name and address, whether they are law abiding gun-owners or gun-grabbing politicians. The Constitution guarantees us a right to a reasonable amount of privacy and that applies to ALL citizens whether you personally like them or not…….Rich. You know what principles are don’t you Rich ? Why don’t you post YOUR address…..Rich. And for your information Rich, I stay riled. It takes more than agitators like you to make me go off.

    • Rich says:

      agitators like me? am i a public figure who is pushing for gun confiscation/registration so people are left defenseless in their homes!!!

      you have the wrong enemy Mr Chamberlain

    • tayronachan says:

      @Dave, “My belief is that it is morally wrong to post ANY Americans name and address, whether they are law abiding gun-owners or gun-grabbing politicians. The Constitution guarantees us a right to a reasonable amount of privacy….”

      imho, Yes the Constitution does grant us a reasonable amount of privacy, but when law makers start violating their oath to the Constitution (keeping in mind they swore that oath with their hand on a Bible!), then their names should be made public if at all possible.

      Keep up the good work, from a fellow N. Carolinian.

  6. David says:

    Rich wrote:

    “NO ONE or very few want anything like that BUT where do you draw the line!!”

    You are correct. That is the question everyone needs to be asking themselves. Now.

  7. Dave says:

    Drawing lines and proclaiming it to the world is what Zero does.
    Hows that working for him ?
    Neville Chamberlain ? There is nothing analogous to Chamberlain’s appeasement here.
    It’s more like NCRenegade is Herodotus and Connecticut is becoming Thermopylae.
    Are YOU going to play Leonidas, Rich ?

    • Rich says:

      these politicians are public figures working to disarm the people -- they have crossed the line….and if you refuse to see that, yes, you are the appeaser!!!

  8. David says:

    It appears that the point concerning the posting of the video is now moot: YouTube has pulled it.

    This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy prohibiting content designed to harass, bully or threaten.

    • Rich says:

      Youtube policy is morphing into whatever they decide to pull..

      They just gave Government Agents “Super Flagging” ability….

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