So Who Do the Democrats Represent?

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3 Responses to So Who Do the Democrats Represent?

  1. Bill Wallace, a Yankee apologist says:

    Clearly the dhimmiecrats represent those that prosper from a huge state, and its minions. The greater the subsidies, the greater the requirements, the greater the useless jobs that produce nothing. Every civilization reaches this state prior to collapse when the state consumes more than the people can retain for their own uses.

  2. Bill says:

    they represent every Communist Bolshevik that has taken refuge in our nation and also they represent everything that is Un Holy, Un Godly, They are perverted,Filthy, Degenrates, Anarchists, Anti American, Anti Capitalism, Pro-Sodomite behavior, Pro lesbianism, pro trandgender Filth, they are murdereres of babies in the womb, as well as Adults, Pro Drug use, andt Free Speech but most of all they all are lawless and a law unto themsleves.

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