Stand4Keith & Fight Police Tyranny in NJ…

Keith Pantaleon needs a min of $10,000 just to retain a legal firm to work on the case. So whatever you can do to help publicize this issue and the fund raising effort would be greatly appreciated. The link is


From Stand4Keith:

On Thursday January 25th around 10:30 pm, Keith Pantaleon was in his apartment when he heard a noise outside of his bedroom door. The 2nd time he heard it he opened the door and found someone standing in his living room. Not knowing what was going on he did have his notebook in his hand which contained his weapon that he has in his home for protection. When he looked towards his front door he saw that it was opened and the landlord was outside the door with a police officer. When the man in the living room turned around he saw that he was also an officer so he threw his notebook containing the weapon on the bed. The officer asked what it was he threw on the bed and barged into the bedroom. When he discovered it was a weapon he arrested Keith right inside of his home.


Donate to Keith’s legal defense fund

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Update 2/5/2013

Keith Pantaleon Update

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3 Responses to Stand4Keith & Fight Police Tyranny in NJ…

  1. Nemo says:

    The link to the rest of the story, links to the legal defense site fund, NOT the rest of the story.

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  3. jwoop66 says:

    I’m not going to say it is a bad cause, and I hope he gets exonerated. Are we planning to do this for every person who is going to be arrested for owning firearms? Seems like a fruitless endeavor utimately.
    We will need stronger, more aggressive tactics or we will just have to accept defeat and give up our firearms.

    The left will not stop.

    What are we willing to do?

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