The Memo Is Approved for Release Pending the Actions of the President

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The President has five days to approve or disapprove the release of the FISA Memo. If he does nothing for five days, the memo will be released. Do not have any doubts: the release of the memo is the first step to dismantling the Deep State and the Democrat Party. And neither will go quietly.

Vigilance is the key for true American patriots.

David DeGerolamo

House Intel Committee Votes To Make “Shocking” FISA Memo Public

Donald Trump 1 – Deep State 0

In a highly anticipated decision, on Monday evening the House Intelligence Committee voted to make public the memo alleging what some Republicans say are “shocking” surveillance abuses at the Department of Justice (DOJ).

In immediate response to the vote, the Committee’s top democrat Adam Schiff said that “we’ve crossed a deeply regrettable line”, adding that the “committee voted to put the president’s interest above the interest of the country.”


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