The New York Times Is Leading The Assault on North Carolina’s 2nd Amendment Rights

Gun Rights Supporters,

The leftists of the New York Times are making North Carolina the next beachhead in their assault on your Second Amendment rights.

Worse, it seems to be working: Right now, politicians in Raleigh are whispering about the need for new laws to regulate concealed handgun permits.

As you may recall, just last week a “hit piece” by Times reporter Michael Luo ran in newspapers across not only the state, but the entire country, claiming thatthousands of North Carolina concealed handgun permit-holders are criminals.

Because Grass Roots North Carolina was central to passing our original concealed handgun law, Luo interviewed me … that is, until it became clear that he had a hit piece in mind, at which time I told him to “get bent.”

As you might expect, Luo’s claims are based on misrepresentation of flawed data, selective use of anecdotes, and ignoring contrary information, which are unmasked in my article at:

GRNC hits back! 

Grass Roots North Carolina is hitting back hard with a rebuttal running yesterday in The Charlotte Observer, today in the Raleigh News & Observer, and this Sunday in the Greensboro News & Record, plus appearing soon in “Guns & Patriots” magazine, a publication of Human Events.

    But “factoids” like Luo’s don’t just go away. Indeed, one sheriff — on the hotseat for failing to revoke the permit of someone who fired into a dwelling containing his own deputy — is trying to deflect blame onto the entire concealed handgun permit system by calling for legislation to close “loopholes. 

Expect a full frontal assault!

Yes, Raleigh politicians are already talking about “working with” anti-gun NC Attorney General Roy Cooper for new checks on concealed handgun permit-holders.

At first, proponents will sound benign: “We just want to close some loopholes in the permit system.” 

But don’t forget: The bill to register handgun purchase permit applicants in an SBI database began in just the same “benign” way.

Fortunately, GRNC killed that bill. And with your help, we will defeat future attacks on your rights, but remember:

To kill gun control, GRNC needs YOU! 

To defeat this latest attack and help GRNC win in the next session of the General Assembly, we need you to:

  • Make your voice heard: Use the links above to leave comments on newspaper websites. Better yet, write letters to the editor — especially to the News & Observer, which decided to excise all references in the piece to the charlatan calling himself Michael Luo.
  • Sign the petition for restaurant carry: Remember, House Bill 111 for concealed carry in restaurants, is still alive in the Senate Judiciary I Committee.  But Senate leaders need to hear from you to get the bill out of committee and to a floor vote.
  • Support GRNC: If you are new to GRNC, please check us out. If you haven’t joined yet, please do. If you’re already a member, please consider making an additional donation.

I promise you one thing: Grass Roots North Carolina will beat the tar out of the carpetbaggers bent on gutting our concealed carry law.

But because GRNC is just a lightning rod, collecting your energy and routing it to those who make laws, we need YOU!

Armatissimi e liberissimi,

F. Paul Valone

President, Grass Roots North Carolina

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  1. we support your efforts to stop gun control. our mission is to responsibly arm as many as possible.

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