The Pattern of Deep State Treachery Continues


It appears that Comey has been given immunity by Mueller for his testimony.


Comey, Lynch and then Hillary will be going to prison. If we have the rule of law.

David DeGerolamo


Comey Bombshell: FBI Director’s Leaked Trump Memos Contained Classified Information

First loved by the Democrats when he personally absolved Hillary Clinton of any sins regarding her (ab)use of her personal email server, then furiously loathed when he reopened the FBI probe into Hillary Clinton one week before the election, then finally getting into a feud with President Trump which cost his him job, Comey ultimately admitted to leaking at least one memo which contained personal recollections of his conversations with the president, in hopes of launching a special probe into the president’s alleged Russian collusion.

There was just one problem: according to a blockbuster report from The Hill, in addition to the leaked memos, Comey also leaked classified information in gross and direct violation of FBI rules and regulations. And just like that Comey finds himself in trouble. Only not just any trouble, but the virtually same trouble that Hillary Clinton was in in the summer of 2016… and which James Comey was tasked to investigate.


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One Response to The Pattern of Deep State Treachery Continues

  1. hummus abedin says:

    Firstly, there is no “if we have it,” regarding
    the rule of law.
    Either it exists or it does not.
    The rule of law and equality of justice
    is long dead in America.
    However, if you are of the deplorable
    dirt people, fedgov is going to law and order
    the fuck out of you.
    You should already know this

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