The United States Is Under Attack

The Democratic National Committee and Obama’s Organizing For America are responsible for directing the protests in Wisconsin. As these “union” protests spread throughout the country, Twitter and Facebook are being used as the social network tools for the administration’s efforts to destabilize our own country by inciting civil unrest.

The video below has been removed for violating their content rules:


The next few days will be critical in our nation’s history. Will the president and the DNC be successful in the implementation of their Cloward-Piven Strategy? At what point will Americans recognize treason at the highest level of our government? Our nation is under attack from within and our future is now in our hands. Do we have enough honor and integrity to cross the line in the sand?

David DeGerolamo

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11 Responses to The United States Is Under Attack

  1. William Sterrett says:

    The FOX news report did not indicate how, or from what source they know that the DNC and Organizing for America are responsible for the demonstration “uprising” in Wisconsin. If the news report is accurate and true, this would have to be one of the most grievous acts of any administration in our republics history! Nothing surprises me anymore, particularly from the ruling regime in D.C. A true democracy in the making. One thing is for certain, we must have true and accurate information before responding or taking action. The patriot movement lives, and is becoming stronger every day despite what the MSM portrays! Stay alert, be strong and stay brave. In Liberty, Bill

  2. Thank you David. I have expanded on this with some additional info. Feel free to re-distribute as you see fit.

    Respectfully submitted by SD2010.

  3. Larry Porter says:

    I guess I wouldn’t make a good politician. If I were In Scott Walker’s shoes right now, I would call the whole thing off and start the layoff of six thousand teachers and groups from any other supporters, such as the firefighters, who joined the teachers. I lived my entire formative life with unions in the Western PA area. They have no sympathy for their members, none. I watched as they forced businesses out of business because they had no money to support the union demands. Instead of negotiating reasonable requests, they allowed the businesses to leave and put thousands of union members out of a job. The same thing is going to happen to the NFL. They will lose a year’s salary and end up with what the owners want anyway. Union members are cowards and are afraid to negotiate anything for themselves. They need a mob to get what they want. There is no negotiating with them. Let’s see if Walker is as strong as Christi. He seems to be.
    Reagan broke the air traffic controllers union. Does anyone have his courage in todays politics? I wonder.

    • TMedlin says:

      I think the governor should NOT begin layoffs-because they would be able to collect unemployment. I think he should tell them to be at work on Monday, or be fired, for insubordination, or whatever -- NO unemployment benefits for those that don’t fulfill their obligation to be at work, unless they have a Dr.’s note.

  4. William Sterrett says:

    Thanks Laura.

  5. Tim Peck says:

    Walker should call for a National Governor’s Confab in WI to make this a national effort to roll back government worker’s union influence and pro-union legislation. As it is, a national protest organization can swamp one state at a time.

  6. William Sterrett says:

    Well from what I’ve seen on the news this evening there are roving “doctor mills” out in the crowds issueing Dr’s notes.

  7. Catherine Newsome says:

    I am submitting a resolution to the Republicans regarding the SEIU-SEANC affiliation. I hope that others besides me can submit similar resolutions in the next few days. The resolution must be submitted before the unspecified deadlines to be considered at the Wake Co Republican convention and the state convention. After the whereas-es which give very brief background, I ask that the Republican party: 1) make official recognition of the danger posed by this affiliation to the peace, tranquility, and orderly business of the state of North Carolina, 2) condemn the SEANC-SEIU affiliation and demand the dissolution of this affiliation, 3) ask for an investigation into the legality of this affiliation and into how it came about, 4) ask for an investigation of the officers of the SEANC and 5) request criminal prosecution where wrongdoing is found. I am citing Glen Beck, Michelle Malkin, American Thinker, Washington Post and the News & Observer on a separate sheet. Any words of wisdom someone may have would be greatly appreciated.

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