This Is Worse Than the Middle Ages

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  1. a follower says:

    Rev. 6:8
    The Stand prt. 1

  2. Hodges omits a critical fact. The European Black Death could be transmitted in three ways:
    blood contact: a bite from a flea carrying the bacillus;
    septically: by handling infected flesh;
    pneumonically: by inhaling the bacillus after it was exhaled by an infected person.

    It was the pneumonic method of transmission that made the European plague so devastating. If that vector has been detected in Madagascar, I have yet to read about it. Moreover, there were several Twentieth Century cases of bubonic plague in the Third World. None of those outbreaks involved pneumonic transmission.

    Wikipedia has two rather good articles on the Black Death and bubonic plague. I advise all viewers of this video to read them.

  3. David says:

    The current outbreak of Marburg in Uganda is transmitted by transmission of bodily fluids. The outbreak in Madagascar can be transmitted in the same manner:

    However the outbreak in Madagascar has seen a decrease and authorities may have it under control.

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