Thoughts on This Video?

Turn in your neighbor for owning a gun….get $1000 REWARD in Newark, NJ

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17 Responses to Thoughts on This Video?

  1. Ed says:

    Turn-in your neighbor for owning a gun, $1000.00?, I don’t think so! That was not the message of the video, it tells people to turn-in the criminals who possesses the “illegal guns” for a $1000 dollars. What is wrong with that? How else would you combat a run-way problem with guns and violence? The title of this video makes it sound like they offering to have neighbors turn on one another and law abiding citizens. NOT! Very disingenuous and misleading.

    This Mr. Hans is what I am speaking of, distorted truths and misguided messages with ulterior motives I believe.


  2. Hans says:

    Hmmm …

    This ‘reward’ seems to clash with “…shall not be infringed.”

    Perhaps we need another anonymous reward…

    … one that is payable upon the delivery of the corpse of a confirmed snitch.

  3. randysright says:

    a hardy chuckle to Hans

  4. Alliji says:

    The question is, what makes the gun illegal.

    • Ed says:

      Its the possession of a weapon by a criminal that makes it illegal.

      The right to posses and drive a vehicle is not much different than a weapon to make a point. If a person continuously violates vehicular laws, speeds, wrecks all the time, and drives DUI/DWI, you wouldn’t want him driving drunk and possibly killing someone, correct? Therefore, would you turn him in if you observed him all over the road posing a threat to others? I would turn him in for FREE! The vehicle and the weapon are simply instruments used by the persons not worthy of possession because of past criminal activity. Therefore the driver would have his license suspended and driving privileges revoked.

      If the argument is that all felons and all criminals have the right to possess weapons, cars, etc.. regardless of their deeds, then God help us all.

  5. randysright says:


    I wouldn’t turn him in, I’d just kick his ass until he can’t drive anymore. Laws do not stop criminal behavior, they just keep good men honest.

  6. Ed says:


    Buddy, it’s not practical to stop a DUI and kick his ass, in lieu of calling the police. That is called taking matters into your own hands, which many are not trained for and can only lead to more conflict, plus endangering yourself, or others. Lets be realistic.

    I know you have better sense than this.


  7. Forrest says:

    I as a gun owner / a person that has a carry permit watched this video thinking “no way”. When i finished the vid i found myself bothered by the title. No i dont believe in gun control, however as a law abiding person i jumped thru the hoops of my state to get my permit. I agree that if you can abide by “the law” then yes you shouldn’t own a gun, however we are getting close to the point that the GOV is out of order. With that said I think that the title of the vid paints a false light to what’s in it (Though you have to watch the whole thing and listen closely to the “report ppl for having illegal gun” cause i almost missed it. I would like to say that in our movement to keep our Liberties intact we shouldn;t use the other sides methods to gain followers. Well that’s my 2 cents. Keep up the posts and all the hard work NCRenegade.

    • David says:

      I agree that the title is misleading. I also agree that illegal firearms are illegal and should be reported. Kinda makes you wonder about illegal aliens too.

      Look at the title of the article, not the video. The purpose of NC Renegade is to initiate dialogue on the issues. Paying people to spy on their neighbors is a slippery slope. Remember the president’s program to turn in your neighbor who bashed the president’s health care legislation? You can also report your neighbor to the IRS and get a reward for any additional monies extracted from them after the IRS audit is completed. This is how the police state starts.

      • Hans says:

        According to our Constitution, there is no such object as an “illegal weapon”.

        Legislation enacted in the 20th century began to criminalize ownership of certain property. Example, the 1934 National Firearms Act and its unconstitutional progeny.

        Hasn’t anyone here read “Unintended Consequences” ???

        • David says:

          I have read “Unintended Consequences”. So first we must check our premises. Is any firearm illegal under the 2nd amendment. Only to the extent if it is stolen property.

          Have I fallen pray to the state (and federal) mandates that everything must be registered, taxed and regulated? Almost got me there. Thanks Hans. See Penn and Teller movie below.

          • Hans says:

            … and I almost succumbed to the desire to challenge Ed on the distinction between:

            (1) the unalienable Right of Freemen to Travel unrestricted


            (2) the grant of Priviledge that allows Citizens to Drive under certain the stipulations of the State

            … don’t get me started, it’s a long night.


  8. Shelly says:

    Really? Turning your “neighbor” in for money? Wow — talk about your “30 pieces of silver”. Isn’t New Jersey in financial straights? Why would they be offering money for guns. Hey, maybe they are trying to clean up all the guns from “Fast & Furious” for Eric Holder. Oh well. Glad I don’t live there.

  9. Ed says:

    I can see where this is headed, NO Rule of Law, Wild West mentality. We are regressing as a human race.


    • Hans says:

      Thanks, Ed … I always prefer to be labeled ‘regressive’ rather than ‘progressive’.

      And I wouldn’t want us to stop our regression with the “wild west”. That would place us post Civil War towards the end of Reconstruction. Many of our serious problems started there.

      I propose a ‘bulk regression’ that moves the ideology of the people prior to the great evils of the 14th, 16th and 17th Amendments, and back to the philosophy of 1776 and 1791 …

      73 de W2UF now QRT

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