Tillis and Peters: We Want an ISIS AUMF

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4 Responses to Tillis and Peters: We Want an ISIS AUMF

  1. judywmiller says:

    A ‘United Congress & President’. Really? Obama wasn’t united with Congress when he had a Dem Senate. Speaking of Obstructionist & a continuing number of RINOs, questioning any advancement from same ole’ same ole’. New Congress has something to prove & it better be post haste.

  2. william Sterrett says:

    ISIS wants to kill us. They told us they want to kill us. They have the capability to kill us. They have killed us. What does logic tell you to do?

  3. Rich says:

    Neocons have continued to pound the drum of taking out another dictator..
    we all know that Assad is a bad guy but what would come later will be worse..
    NATO is working to eliminate the dictators which will bring the caliphate..

    anybody remember the so called Arab Spring….

  4. Roger says:

    If we would quit supplying these countries and groups with weapons and food there probably wouldn’t be as many “threats” for us to deal with. If we didn’t have a Muslim for a pResident things would be different too. We have the technology and weapons to do the jobs but our military’s hands keep getting tied, cut the ropes. Get out of the UN, get out of countries we don’t need to be in.

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