Time to Cut the Cord

It's Tea Time.



After we finished our podcast for Forward Observer magazine this week, Sam Culper scheduled a follow up meeting in December for another podcast. The topic will be “Cutting the Cord”. Until you realize that a paradigm shift in required to secure your future, you will be enslaved. Cutting the cord is this paradigm shift. Eliminating all forms of dependence may be an obvious solution to regaining freedom, but you must first recognize that you are enslaved.

1. Voting for politicians who have created the problems we face will never solve those problems. It is in their interests to literally crush us with taxes, regulations and laws.

2. Obeying the law is only applicable in a country which has the rule of law, applies it equally and does not pass legislation to make criminals out of people. We no longer live in such a country which no longer has the rule of law. Conscientious objection and gray man tactics must be part of our life: an unConstitutional or unjust law must be disobeyed.

3. Become self reliant in all aspects of your life: monetary needs, food, housing and clothing. I know it is hard. Receiving any form of government assistance will only have disastrous consequences in the future.

4. Learn skill sets that our forefathers knew and master them.

5. The pResident rewards illegal aliens. I understand his rhetoric that they must pay “taxes” but the reality is that they do not. Citizens work and pay “tribute” to the government. If the underground economic system is not paying their “fair share”, neither should we. Be creative, be gray.

David DeGerolamo

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4 Responses to Time to Cut the Cord

  1. Lee says:

    If any of you have been paying attention, these scumbags plan on eliminating US Borders in 2015, and making Denver the Capitol of the North American Union (mexihole,US, Canada). The time to vote the bums out, is long past.

    I would highly suggest getting out and meeting your neighbors real soon.

  2. Steve Bland says:

    Dave; those True words are becoming more clear every day. We MUST create a New lifestyle free of day to day Tyranny!

  3. Lordchamp says:

    So let’s have this discussion. Where do we start and how? Specifics? It needs to be a coordinated effort though or they pick us off one by one.

    My gut tells me that it really won’t take many to make a huge difference in our respective local areas. I’m ready.

    • David says:

      I gave some suggestions but building community is number 1. That will build the first level of trust that is necessary to rebuild. Carbine training, radio communications and intelligence gathering are all top priorities. See guerillamerica.com and readfomag.com.

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