To Serve Americans

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Mainstream media outlets are currently having screaming hissy fits over unsubstantiated reports that Donald Trump, noted lunatic, actually held a meeting with disgusting, potentially world-destroying Russian bastards and told them top secret anti-terror information which has only been widely reported in the world’s newspapers since last March.

This action is apparently the opening of the seventh seal, and the immediate cue for impending Armageddon, impeachment, or yet another humorless SNL skit for Alec “Duck Lips” Baldwin.


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One Response to To Serve Americans

  1. Brother Antony says:

    During the past twelve months or so of reading the online comments to the many articles concerning President Trump and his Administration, both before and after his inauguration, as promulgated by the US MSM and parrotted with monotonous regularity by British newspapers I have kept asking myself why do people, particularly British people, hate him so? Do they have no other sources of information or have they lost the ability to think for themselves -- or both? Or is it because he won’t accept the vitriolic fake news and disinformation peddled by an establishment-driven media that fears him because of his revelations and the fact that he strikes right back at them?

    Is it because he’s peeling back the elites’ corrupt political onion layer by layer and thus revealing the full enormity of their complicity in the campaign to destroy the USA and, by extension, the whole of the Western Ecumene?

    Perhaps it’s because he has no white guilt in an environment where the inculcated ‘White Mea Culpa’ syndrome, that most insidious tool of the acquisitive Globalists, has suborned the intellectually destitute minds of the wealthy and privileged together with those of the low IQ parasitical classes and particularly those of the fratricidal Black Lives Matter contingent where Black lives seem only to matter to everybody but Blacks themselves?

    Is it because he doesn’t feel any male guilt, either, which upsets the hormonally self-castrated Feminazis of the Pussy Hat Brigade, the sexually challenged, perambulating Vagina weirdos and the vicious LGBTQ alphabet soup collective that would be better named the ‘Popular Front for the Elimination of Heterosexuality and Natural Biological Determinants’?

    Or is it because he has no American guilt or Christian guilt? Is it because he talks about the core ethos of his country with uncritical approval and pride whilst the entrenched Deep State seeks to destroy it from within? Is it because he is a President who puts ’America First’ which, of course, is the ultimate thought crime in the eyes of American and international Globalists, or is it something else?

    Well, it may well indeed be something else, something very unusual in an elected politician, the fact that he is doing his best, slowly but surely against ferocious opposition, to try and keep the promises that he made on the campaign trail by implementing the policies that he was elected to implement.

    And that’s more than likely I would say, and I say it because the whole of the Marxist-Socialist-Islamofascist Alliance, every cretinous liberal ‘professor’ malignantly polluting the minds of young adults whilst either gleefully sucking at the public teet and/or beating peaceful protesters unconscious with a bike lock, every corrupt legislative and executive trougher, every possible form of deviant, every single-issue fanatic, every cultural-deconstructionist and virtually every wannabe or ensconced politician all of whom are now slithering out from under their rocks and screaming in shock and horror at the reality that he is setting an example that electorates may require future aspirational politicians, academics and civic leaders to emulate.

    Unbelievable, isn’t it? – a politician who is actually doing what he was elected to do! Whatever next, a full ethical Reformation of politics and academia perhaps?

    Ahh, were it we had somebody like Trump in the nasty little police state that the UK has now become – what a breath of fresh air that would be!”

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