URANIUMGATE Explodes: The White Hats Are About To Indict The Black Hats

The following list of 64 tweets taken from a page at 4chan was posted at Rumor Mill News.

It reveals information which could only be known by a very deep insider.

The fact that President Trump confidently began his East Asian tour yesterday indicates that everything is well under control in D.C.  After all, coup d’états are often executed when the president or prime minster has left the country.  The November 4th AntiFa threat of revolution seems to have fizzled out. There’s Only One Reason Why AntiFa’s NOV 4 Revolution Fizzled Out

However, it must be the extremely radioactive truth associated with the Uranium One deal (see list below) that has Trump feeling so self-assured.

There is no question that URANIUMGATE will prove to be the “Watergate” for the Obama Administration, as well as the “Waterloo” for the Clinton Crime Family.


h/t Brenda M

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