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  1. Bob says:

    I just got done doing some quick research and this senator was last in the South Dakota legislature in 1988. How would he have access to such info? Secondly I checked with friends still on active duty and there has been no change to the NORTHCOM (Northern Command) training calendar for the next few months. In fact the yearly major urban response training exercise is currently ongoing at Camp Attibury Indiana. The same place it has been happening for several years. The video claims that NORTHCOM suspended training until late September. Bottom line not true. I don’t know who puts this stuff out but it would be nice if they could list a source for each statement made. As for now I wouldn’t put a lot of faith in this video. Once I start seeing fedvendor.com, or fbo.gov request for the MRE’s, antibiotics, etc.. then I will relook the video, until then not so much.

    • David says:

      I did see FEMA requests for food at Patriot Supply last week. I would not base any decisions on this video. I would watch the stock market, oil and Syria closely this week.

      • fed up says:

        On Alex Jones today, 8/19/13, he said George Soros is planning on a Fortune 500 collapse. George has been known to be right and cause things in the past. The dollar collapse is eminent.
        Regarding the FEMA district 3 item, Who knows what goes on behind closed doors. I don’t trust anything any more I see and heard to one side or another. I await the end of the dollar and the fall of the last domino.
        Regarding the MRE purchase, why would they have not done this sooner? Why do they purchase AK47 mags? Why do they purchase the ammo they do? Why has the DHS declared the 100 mile buffer from the coasts Constitution free? Why, Why, why, there are just to many whys and not enough answers.

    • Armywife says:

      It is currently September 24, 2013 as I read this and MRAPs were taken from my husband’s base and given to many local police stations in my state this month. My hubby is in the Army.

  2. freedomguard70 says:

    I am currently with the National Guard and I can tell you most of this video is true. I cannot confirm the part about the CDC or Coast Guard. But I can Tell you the Army Document is There you can look it up on the DA website or the DOD Library if you wish. Leaves have been cancelled and troops moved and training cancelled.

  3. Lucidity says:

    You all know that the Federal Government fiscal year ends on 30 September, right? The long list of “completed by October 1st” just means that it needs to be done in this fiscal year, it’s not like there’s something happening on 1 October, apart from the beginning of the next fiscal year.

    • David says:

      Does the end of the fiscal year mean anything anymore? We have no budgets under tyranny and domestic enemies. The budget ceiling was breached three months ago. Obama is sending us to another war in Syria and then a World War.

      The pieces are falling into place.

      • fed up says:

        I have to wonder why DHS, FEMA, DOJ and all of the other government departments seem to be so against the people. Everything is a big secret being kept away from the people that pay the taxes that support these systems, Why are there so many police forces infringing on the peoples rights and treating them like criminals? When does it ever end and why did it all get started? It seems there is us and them and the ones in the middle don’t care. I fear for our children. What kind of a country and world will there be for them? How do we explain this state of affairs to them? I believe it was like this before and at the start of the American Revolution.

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