Why Jefferson Davis Was Not Tried for Treason

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After the War of Northern Aggression was over, Jefferson Davis was captured and jailed for two years. He was released without a trial. In fact no Confederate government officials faced any charges after the war. There was a very good reason why the Federal government did not have any trials. Once again, history told by the victors has covered up abuses of the Constitution and the actions of the Federal government.

You have to wonder how bad it actually was when even a major abolitionist like Horace Greeley came to Jefferson Davis’s defense.

David DeGerolamo


The post-war Jefferson Davis: The famous trial that never was

On May 10, 1865, about a mile from the town of Irwinville, Georgia, Federal troops captured Davis. With his arrest on that spring morning, his government ceased to exist. His wife, Varina, and their children were sent to Savannah, where she was kept under virtual house arrest and forbidden to leave the city. Because the soldiers, carpetbaggers and Union supporters treated the Davis children so badly, Varina arranged for them to go to Canada along with her mother.

Davis had been taken back to Virginia and imprisoned in Fort Monroe, where he would stay for the next two years. At first, he was bound in leg irons. Guards watched him around the clock but were not permitted to speak to him. He was allowed no visitors; a light burned in his cell day and night; and his only reading material was a Bible. His treatment was a clear violation of the Bill of Rights.


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  1. Tom Angle says:

    No one was tried for reason because secession was legal. The southern states withdrew from the Union and formed their own country. You cannot be tried for treason in a country that you where not a citizen of.

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