Why Security Is Important Immediately

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I have installed wireless IP cameras at my house in the mountains with Blue Iris software to allow 24/7 monitoring of the premises. This system has built-in motion sensors and night vision. When the motion sensor is tripped, two pictures are sent to my email account. A short video is also made and recorded. Without going into details, this house is in a very remote location with few people in the immediate vicinity. However, anyone doing surveillance within the radius of one mile would be noticed and reported.

The cameras are inconspicuous but effective as shown here. The individual in the first picture had already walked up the stairs to my second story, knocked on the front door and received no reply. He then went to the side of the house and checked the interior of the home as seen in the second picture.



Based on the time stamps, this individual went back to his vehicle and came back ten minutes later with what appears to be a computer and radio antenna.



He then sets up at the rear of the house for what I believe was the alignment of a long distance, parabolic antenna. This location of the alignment is the only part of the house where it would be practical for monitoring due to the terrain. Also, the monitoring point is across a valley two miles away but conveniently across state lines.

I know that no one entered my home but this incident pointed out some weak points in my security by showing the need for additional cameras (already purchased). It also pointed out the necessity to implement and refine security measures now on a larger scale. But even more important, it shows that no location is safe or should be considered safe in the future.

I sent these pictures to several individuals for their opinions prior to writing this article since I did not want to jump to any conclusions and wanted to solicit other possible explanations for this “visit”. One individual stated that this man “can’t be a three letter agency and be so inept”, he did not say anything about a five letter agency.

I had hoped that this type of  activity would have stopped after my IRS  harassment was closed by filing a court case against them in 2010.

Will we regain our country in the future? In the sixth book of the 299 Days series, Glen Tate wrote something that has given me more hope than anything else: the people left in government are incompetent and have no conviction.  As evidenced by these pictures.

David DeGerolamo

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19 Responses to Why Security Is Important Immediately

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  2. drjim says:

    So have you been to the house since this happened?

    Be real interesting to sweep the are to see if you can locate whatever equipment the person installed.

    • David says:

      I have not been there but someone else has been there after this. I am not so sure that any bugs were planted. I am more inclined that they were aligning an antenna to monitor me at a long distance. However, I will err on the side of caution and do a sweep.

  3. Larry Porter says:

    I think the umbrella has been compromised. A straight line site from two miles away would be capable of listening now. As far as incompetence, I don’t see it. Some believe all covert operations are cloak and dagger stuff. But much of it is done in the open yet unknown to the general population. They now have your pinpoint location. That’s all they were after.

    • David says:

      They could get my pinpoint location with a GPS. If this article wakes up some people to what is actually happening, it may motivate them to rethink their security and their “government”.

    • Harpo Marx says:

      Might be interesting to set up a microwave oven pointed in their direction with the safeties bypassed and the door open while running at full power. Wouldn’t be enough to fry the front end, but it might be enough to saturate the front end on their receiver(s).

  4. tmedlin says:

    this makes me sick to my stomach

  5. Dave says:

    So they wanted to pinpoint your location for future use. Drone strike, helo fast-rope, swat stack?
    Have you noticed that my blog has become unreadable? Someone other than me has tampered with it. I guess with all the stuff on the net about the impersonator-in-chief they are busy these days. The pResident must be feeling stressed.

  6. Matt Braclem says:

    Welcome to the USSA. Shut up and be a good comrade, or the NSA/DEA/FBI/ATF might “find” criminal activity on your computer or in your old emails. And if they can’t “find” it, they can plant it. And their “experts” will swear to secret judges in secret courts that the planted evidence is valid.

  7. Jeff Marshalek says:

    Could it be an outward attempt at intimidation? They chose to do this to you on 9/12.

  8. randyedye says:

    We’ve been ratted out!!

  9. Harpo Marx says:

    Disgusting that anyone in the government would have the audacity to do this.

  10. Eric Dailey says:

    I for one will not assume you have revealed all you have about the incident. I presume the monitors will think of that also.

  11. Cheesy says:

    It would be nice if you were able to get a good shot of his face.

  12. emdfl says:

    laser monitoring would work very easily at that distance. Laser beam focused on any window picks up the vibrations of the glass and there you go.

    • David says:

      And his location was the only practical location at this site to do this.

    • Harpo Marx says:

      Put a radio playing classical music against the window. Broad band noise making it hard to hear what is being said. Tactic we used against USSR doing the same kind of spying.

  13. J-Dog says:

    I can say with 100% certainty that this is NO government spy. This man works for a local wireless broadband company. He looks to be searching for signal @ your residence.

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