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9-9-9 Now and Energy Next

Herman Cain defends his 9-9-9 plan and explains why the other candidates are scrambling to come up with a better alternative: One thing cannot be refuted: the current system of government is not working. We need a game changer candidate … Continue reading

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Why Herman Cain Got Legs!

While others were being so sure that they were in line to be President of the USA, Herman Cain prayed for guidance.  How do I know this? In 2010’s North Carolina’s Hall of Fame Banquet Fund Raiser, I was asked to introduce Mr. … Continue reading

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Useful Idiots Are Easily Led


One picture is worth a thousand words. What is one video showing useful idiots occupying Atlanta worth? httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMnz2uH3Q4g Are our founding principles and Constitution worth saving? It appears that our political leaders do not have an opinion other than Herman … Continue reading

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Herman Cain: Many African-Americans Have Been Brainwashed


Herman Cain may be correct that hyphenated Americans have been brainwashed. I have more faith in Americans who believe that there is still time for us to come together for a better future. If we cannot come together for our children, … Continue reading

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