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I Knew I Wasn’t A Conservative

See additional comments on Tea Party Nation. From YouTube (Reuters): Reuters correspondent Sam Jacobs says the desire among conservatives to unseat President Barack Obama will pull them to Mitt Romney with the exit of their standard-bearer Rick Santorum from the … Continue reading

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Vote or Die?

Bob Basso makes a cogent argument for voting correctly to save the country. He assumes that the anti-Obama candidate will be able to return the country to prosperity and morality. What he does not address is the alternative scenarios. What … Continue reading

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Because People Want Hope, They Will Sell Our Freedom

Source: See additional comments on Tea Party Nation: We want peace. We want security. But all of us want hope at this time. Our hope should rest in the hands of God but for a Socialist country to maintain its … Continue reading

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Questions You Do Not Ask in a Debate

Another debate and another missed opportunity to ask questions on issues that will decide our future. We all know that the candidates agree or only have minor differences on health care, immigration and global warming. Superficial questions on economy and … Continue reading

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It’s Over If the Debt Ceiling Is Raised


The problem with this video is his use of overlapping statistical groups. Unfortunately, if you remove the overlap, his analysis is correct: there are more of them than us. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGpiA7tL1PU The first question we have to ask ourselves is what … Continue reading

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When You Do Not Know Who to Believe, Trust in Common Sense

 What does common sense tell the American public concering the debt ceiling? Raising the debt ceiling again will not make the United States solvent. Taxing the rich has never generated more jobs or economic prosperity. We are bankrupt because our … Continue reading

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