14,000 hungry, scared, angry food stamp recipients come to your local Walmart…

44 million is too big a number for most people to understand, including me. The numbers mean this is 14,000 food stamp recipients for each of the 3,500 Walmarts in America. That’s still hard for most people to visualize.

This amazing article shows with easy to understand computer-generated pictures what 14,000 people at a Walmart would look like:

Now imagine this is going on at all of the 3,500 Walmarts in the country.  You think your local police – let alone the Department of Homeland Security – have enough officers to keep order at your local Walmart?  Now imagine this happening at all 3,500 Walmarts.  This is why I don’t think the authorities can pull off much.  They’ll have 14,000 people per Walmart to deal with.


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8 years ago
Reply to  DRenegade

I’m a fan of both the 299 series (easy reading, high school level) and also A Failure of Civility, which has quite a bit of useful information.

Fed Up
Fed Up
8 years ago

I live in a fairly small area that has a Wal Mart. There are a lot of Welfare cases here that clog the system for all of the reasons you can imagine. Then there are the rest of us that shop at W M just because it’s the only game in town for many goods. That being said, when the figure of 14,000 per W M is given….. that isn’t including the rest of the population that goes too.
If DHS or any other LEA thinks that they can control that size crowd in that size of numbers alone they are blowing smoke into a body part that wasn’t meant to receive it.
Additionally, where I am DHS has some vehicles driving around but it’s local people behind the wheel. They would be better off staying in places like Boston where the sheep graze on the pavement. The numbers here will sort them selves out just fine without riot gear and men dressed in black. Camo is our state color.